January 31, 2008

I'm Heeerrrreeee...

I apologize for the neglect of the newborn seed that is DropBomb.Blogspot.com. I've beeenn soooo busy with work that I havent been able to really have a sit down and handle any bizz or post any new blogs. Hopefully with me moving closer to work now I will be able to do JUST THAT. Let me HOLLER THO! I'll do that. GET AT ME!

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Badu's Back!

New Erykah Badu video! CHECK IT!

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January 08, 2008

Where's the Ca$hMoney?: Lil Wayne gettin' sued over a Bently.

Eyo...  Stunna needs to give this man his MONEY!  He should not have to makin' payments on cars or jewels!

Here Is the Source.

Cover Shotz: Nas Snags the cover of XXL

I think it's pretty coo'.


January 04, 2008

Who Had The Worst Year '07?

C'mon... Wouldn't you have to give it to this guy?  As far as the industry goes, he had a pretty bad year.  Ok, lets see if I can get this right and in order. 1st, the guy gets into an argument with 50, and 50 unleashed the ol' schoo' 50 that we like over here.  Then put out a home-made video that broke You-Tube records.  Then he dropped Cuuuuuuuuuurtiiiiiiiiiss!  It was a cool diss till he started mentioning record sales in the song.  Also inspired Curtis to name another platinum seller.  Now right after this, Jimmy found a new BFF in Curtis after being promoted to the boss of DipSet, thus startin' the in-house fued.  Cam then went on to set Hip Hop back in this era of "Hip Hop Is To Blame For EVERYTHING" by sayin' he wouldn't snitch on a serial killer.  Cam, then went on to say he "bodied 50, Nas, Jay, and Ma$e".  Then Cam got molly-whopped in the eye by Tru Life.  Next, Cam'ron shows us his kiddie pool in his boxers, that lil' lump on his eye, and said it'd be a hot summer...  Then Jim Jones goes off on rants bad-mouthin' Cam.  After this he starts a "Where is Cam" thing, and has trailers of him gettin' into an old ass  Ford Taurus.  I mean, I guess it would've been a good idea if he would've came out with good songs..  Not sayin' shit like "I said I hate a booger," or makin' songs called "Glitter".  (I find that a male sayin' he's glitter is worse than the whole pink thing.)  So his mixtape doesn't even strike the DipSet fans, Jimmy stole that thunder with his "Harlem's American Ganster" mixtape.  And to top it off, a little girl cries because the DipSet was saying nasty thing on a Disney CD, lol. We hope you have a better year Cam.

Runners up: Britney Spears


Top 5 Albums of '07

Well since '07 is officially over.  It would be an "ok" time to give your top albums of '07 huh?  This year, some of these artists had an attitude like "fuck it, I don't care if it sells, it's gonna be a good album."  Well, except for Kanye and 50, but that's a different story.  Well, my pic for the '07 year was Underground Kingz, U.G.K.  No, I'm not no bandwagon bitch that's just on Pimp C's nuts cuz he's dead.  No, never.  And I believe you guys will come to find Mr. Freshness really fair.  But if you listen to this album fully, you'll find that this is the best double disk album since Tupac and Biggie did theirs.  Of course it may go unnoticed, because UGK pretty much stays true to them, and they don't do commercial shit.  Me personally, I only skip 3 songs.  Now I don't know about you, but I love a good LONG album.  A double disk, with only 3 songs that are skipable.  Now Lupe Fiasco definately did his thing, but like I just said, I love great albums that are longer.  I mean, don't you feel albums like, Illmatic (Nas), Be (Common), and The Diary (Scarface) ended to soon for your ears?  Well, anyway.  Here's my lil' top five albums an honerable mentions.  And yes, I did at least buy my Top 3 albums!!

1 - U.G.K. (UnderGround Kingz)
2 - Lupe Fiasco (The Cool)
3 - Jay-Z (American Gangster)
4 - Scarface - (M.A.D.E.)
5 - Common (Finding Forever)

Honerable Mentions: Chamillionaire (Ultimate Victory), GhostFace Killah (Big Doe Rehab), Freeway (Free At Last),

See, I'm a southerner, and you don't see any nonsense like Soulja Boy up there.  What do yall think as far as '07???


Jay-Z Digitally Inks Deal With Apple

Jay-Z signs major deal with apple.. source

I hope his music doesn't get downloaded even more from this business move.


January 01, 2008

Hats off to 2007. SEEEEEE YA LATER!!

So 2007 is over now. Don't really know how I feel about it. It was a decent year for most. Looking forward to 2008!!! Peace to the year of 2007, it's behind us, and as a going away present for the year, I present Skillz "07 Wrap-Up." This year was actually quite amusing..

Welcome to 2008.
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So we're just getting this thing cracking here..today is officially the first day of 2008, and the first day of drop-bomb.com. Before every epic event that happens in our world there is a pre-movement, so although this is just a very simple beginning, I look forward to much more coming out of this little blog we're putting together. Holler @ Me! Best wishes in 2008! Let's get it!

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