December 31, 2008

Hi Hater Award 08

FAUX NEWS!!!!!!!!!!!!

So they had to get them one more punch in before the year ends.  But we know Mr. Obama is brushin' this new dirt off his shoulder.

Biggest Winner of 08 Award

Need I say more??  Like really.  This demon bastard was everywhere.  Even Obama lost the race to this muthafucka here.  As far as rap goes.  This thing wasn't even this much when them West Coast rappers used it back in the East VS West days.

Runners Up - Barack Obama, Lil Wayne, Beyonce, Black People

Biggest Loser of 08 Award

I mean really...  Who Else could it be?  I mean, the bad news just wouldn't stop for this young guy.  Lets do a quick run-down on the bad year of 08 for Yung Berg.  

1st - He gets his dumb-ass on the radio and talks bad about the sisters.  Not all of 'em, just the "dark-butts."  To quote 'em, (not verbatim,)  he says " I Don't Do dark-butts."  Now think about those light-skinned girls you offended who has dark skinned moms or best friends?  

2nd - Soon after he tried to apologize for what was said, he was supposively dumped by his girl (who was light skinned.)

3rd - Some pictures leak on the internet and no one knows what to make of 'em.  Some say that the herps or crabs were gettin' to much for 'em at the time, so he had to take matters into his own hands.

4th - He gets into a war of words with Brisco for bad-mouthin' Flo-Rida, but this did nothing to help him.

5th - He and some homies get busted on some gun / marijuana / menacing.

6th - Yung Berg's album "Look What You Made Me" debuted and went paper, doing 19,270

7th -  Within hours after the the whole fiasco went down, we all found out that Yung Berg and his posse got beat up, and got his "infamous" Transformer chain snatched.  So the thing he loved to hide his face behind was now gone when he needs it.

8th - All kinda parodies and rumors came out about the chain.  They even went as far as Bow Wow supposively having it, then a rumor came out that Bow Wow whooped 'em in the bowling alley, lol.  He even has his "twin" brother comes to his defense and makes a YouTube video about it.  And if things like that wasn't bad enough, a few rappers other than Trick Trick called the chain fake.  To quote Joe Budden, "We gonna hafta start askin' for some receipts around here."

9th - Young Berg speaks about the chain, and he claims he doesn't even care, and that the guys who did it to 'em (or the media) inspires him.  I his final quote was "Karma's a bitch."

10th - Not AGAIN!?!  Word got out that Yung Berg now got beat up by Maino in a club.  Yung Berg tried to act tough with Maino, or some shit like that.  And let Maino tell it, all he did was "get him alil' togetherness,"  lol, made him get his act together.  "I mean he's alil' kid, what could he do?" Yes, you read that right.  Berg got slapped...  No reaction came from Berg.  Here, I'll let Maino tell it.

11th - Yung Berg got called out by Ne-Yo!  The SINGER!  The suspect singer, lol.  So...  Yung Berg, I guess took his chance to prove he was tough..  And I guess he tried to expose "Ms. Independent," but I mean...  We already knew this Yung Berg.  And you, AND ya boys, don't get any points for tryin' to get tough with Ne-Yo.

12th - Yung Berg is tryin' to put together a reality show, and get some dark-butts on the show.   Well, he allegedly got turned down by this dark skinned model woman who was asked to be on the show.

Hopefully, Mr. Berg will have alil' better '09.  Maybe he'll do what last year's winner (Cam'Ron) did, disappear for a lil' minute.  Til then, I'll leave yall with A Trick Trick performance...

Runners up for this award - John McCain, Racists, Faux News, Republicans, Sarah Palin, Rick Ross, Young Buck, 50 Cent, Soulja Boy, 

until next year, Boppers..

I think the blog is done for the year. I'll be compiling my top 10 of 2008 this upcoming weekend, as I just finished listening to Seal, Avant, Crystal Castles, and Bloc Party early this morning. I'm sure my list will surprise a lot of you, to those that realllly know me it will be mostly typical..except for one or two. I'm going to make a "50 albums you NEED to have of 2008." That paticular one I'll host on my personal blog over at Up Jumps The Blog. A 2008 rap-up newsreel-ish post will be there as well. So if you passed out on your narcalep-tip you can catch up with the help of ya boy =ToP!FLiTE=

So Drop-Bomb.com is officially 1 year old tommorow and it feels tremendous, stupendous. I know some of you are looking at these words I'm typing into my blackberry like "dude isn't this just a BLOG????" Well...it is, but big things start small. I've made strides this year as far as getting where I want to be in this crazy world of ours. And as small as it may be at this point, we HAVE made a name for ourselves with Drop-Bomb. Even if its only two new people that know about us, that's two more that didn't yesterday.

Did you know that if you give a man a penny, then two cents, then 4 cents, and continue to double it everyday for a month...just guess what his total earnings will be at the end of the month???

I'll leave that to yall to figure out, but that's where I intend to bring this Xxplosive shit too. I had an idea, set it in motion, got some great people involved in it with me, and you can definitely go around Seattle now and SOMEONE at a hip-hop show will know us. The blog yall LOVE to hate =).

1st phase complete.

Phase 1(2008): Put title/name to the movement

Phase 2: Generate INTENSE buzz for everyone we "fux" wit

Phase 3: (code name/working title)"Slugworth's Revenge"

Phase 4: To the Top of the City..

Thank you to all my friends that have decided to join me on this venture we've started.

(In no paticular order) Fresh aka GK aka Mo-B, Drewdown aka Drewcifer aka Andrew Dice Clay, tiffLOC, Steveizzle aka Scuba aka Fite!, Smizz aka Jay Smart aka Clark Kent, and everyone who's fuxed wit us over this last year..

State of the Artist aka SOTA, Colin Munroe and everybody over at marked music, YSL at Blogsiswatching.com, Henry aka H. Dilla with Crooked Lake(Crooked Lake is a navy, better yet a coast guard!!!), GMK, DJ Semaj, Jae Ruckus aka Mookie Layblox(I'm gonna put them slaps to us bruh!), Wade and Tendo(I still got those beats I'm workinonit!), Termanology, DJ Sabzi, Khingz, Grynch, Juantonimo! Aka Notes, Wes Caswell, Everybody over at Raindrop Hustla, Laced Up crew, Wes Goodlife, DJ Pryme, DList Magazine, Seaspot, Jovi at Soy Clothing, Brandon Beuachesne, Chelsea at Karmaloop!, Meli with Obese Productions(A MELI A MELI A MELI A MELI!!!!!), DJ Hyphen, Matthew Brown, Chris Lozano with UNDFTD, Benito and the whole Soul Gorilla crew(except that lil short nicca ak, haha ima see him), everybody in Seattle City, and all of our readers around the globe.

Royal Family, well...I guess it's back to Michael-Jordan in this b*tch. Only Jay Smart's gonna know what that means, but chyea..besides Ruckus and Fresh EVERYONE's fallen off(musically)..Chase I see you! Get money G. As for the rest of yall...god bless..I can't do nothin else for you.

To everyone, be positive and prosperous in 2009! Can you believe its almost been a full decade in the new millenium?? Crazysexycool. I'm ready for whatevuh.

Sky's The Limit. I'll see yall next year tho. Heh..

When Reporters Become The News

Ok...  I'll admit it, I fell out laughin' on some of these fucked up parts (Especially the guys ridin' with the sled in the snow.)  But some of this shit is BRUTAL!!  

December 30, 2008

Lil Wayne takes a tumble

FakinDaFunk: Brany's half brother responds to her disclaiming him

Now, before I let you listen to it.  I'll put my two cents in.  I believe this guy, 100%, why?  Because he mentions Greenwood, MS.  Brandy and Ray-J's pop's lived just down the street from my grandmother and aunt, and he wouldn't have known that unless he was from that area.  Because Brandy n Ray-J will claim LA or some other place before they do their "real" hometown.

Hollywood Divorce: Lesbian Vampire Killers

Your new favorite movie. HAHAHA.

Air Heads: Air Max 90 Neo Turquoise

Dope way to end off the year. I'll cop to go with my Northface of the same colorway.

Uh Oh: Bill O'Reilly goes in on Kanye

It wasn't so bad as the Ludacris thing.  Bill-O was just lookin' forward to Kanye's SNL performance, and was disappointed, so he put him on the "Pinhead" list.  Lol.

Freeway is questioned by Dj Vlad about his relationship with Jay-Z

December 28, 2008

Max B showin' he's Still "Wavey", even during times of turmoil, lol

Well, supposively, the Byrd Gang (minus Jim Jones) came through to wreck Max B's show. They were successful, because the police got involved and started using mase. Word is that Max B is runnin', but he doesn't seem to scared to me, he's havin' fun with the crowd. Plus he got a gang of mu'fu**as wit 'em, so I hope he wasn't scared. I'll give 'em the benfit-of-the-doubt n say he was jus tryin' to leave the foolishness and he wasn't scared. "OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOWWWWWWWWWWWW"

Soulful Sundaes: Hawaiian Sophie

My how the time changes us, eh jigga?

Hawaiian Sophie - Jaz-O ft. then hypeman Jay-Z

Anyway, I'm on a plane to Maui right now and mike will probably be hungover for at leasst a few days from how much he drank last night. Lol. So please excuse our absence of blogging. Can't tag or grab a pic cuz they're yelling @ me to turn off my phone now, so fresh. Its up to you. Lol. Otherwise mike'll get it in a few days.

Holler bidges!

December 27, 2008

Joe Budden TV: Joe "pulls" Ransom's hoe card

Well.. Until he drops that footage he was talkin' 'bout, then he hasn't officially pulled it. Unless Ransom stops respondin', then he's pulled it then too, lol.

December 26, 2008

Christmas Madness.. Sports And Music...

How have yall's holidays been treatin' yall? Mine's been pretty coo' so far. But anyway, lemme put yall up to speed... Few lil' updates.
-The (FUCKIN'!) Lakers ended The Celtics long win streak. Even though I hate both of 'em, but I hate hate hate hate hate hate the Lakers.
-The Spurs upset the Suns again! Lol.
-The Magic blasted CP3 and the Hornets
-The Mavs beat the Trailblazers
-Lebron and his chalk shoe beat the Wizards..
But yo. Can somebody show me the tounge of this damn "Chalk" shoe!? I was dissapointed that the shoe wasn't black n white, n the white part look some kinda chalk. But then I hear it's just him on the tounge. I wanna see the damn tounge, I've been searchin' forever jus to see tha damn thing.
**In Rap News**
Well, it's more of a rumor. I hear... That it's gonna be another Jay-Z takeover this weekend. Supposively, it's suppose the be a concert with T.I., Jeezy, and our guy Luda. And Luda's suppose to have Jay-Z and Nas come out on to the set, and Jay supposively needs 5 good minutes to address some things. Hopefully!!! This is for real, and rap will be interesting again. Let's go bury Nas again Jay, it's the ROC!! ( Last comment made just to make Mr. =!= growl n shit.)

December 24, 2008

Air Jordan Spizike - Cool Grey

I need these. I also need a friend at footlocker for that 30% off with this damn unemployment.

December 23, 2008

DrewDown's Best 10 Albums of the Year & a few bad ones

In no particular order, sort of:

1. Elzhi - The Preface

Hands down. Classic. 5 stars. The whole Enchilada. This album will go down in history. Probably a sleeper too. Not to say anyone is going to underestimate the man's skill or anything, just guessing I won't see it on a lot of top 5 lists. Just know like they say at the end of Guessing Game "and by the way, Elzhi, That Niggas Better than You! Elzhi's better than you. He's better than you." lmao.

2. 88 Keys - The Death of Adam / Cold Case Files

Fuck it, the mixtape was classic, and so was the album. Mixtape was better than 90% of albums this year. I love music that I can relate to. Sadly both these gems had a lot of the skirt chasing stories of my past. I felt like there were some tracks I woulda traded from the tape to the album, and I was annoyed as hell that 88 keys won't rap without his altered voice but at least it wasn't auto-tune. I love albums that tell a whole story and actually succeed.

3. Solange Knowles - Sol-Angel & the Hadley St Dreams

Surprised the hell outta me. This album bangs.

4. The Roots - Rising Down

One of my favorite albums to drive fast with. Uptempo but dark and moody. Very different from the other roots albums. Killer.

5. Nas - Untitled

I kinda bump the Mixtape more than the album, but this was still a classic. I love it when artist touch on subjects that are kinda uncomfortable to talk about but need to be brought up. Like Kanye USED to with his self conscious shit. Now you can't tell him nothin. You can't even tell him he can't sing. lol.

6. Jake One - White Van Music

Not on here because he rep'd Seattle so damn hard. But on here because he spent like 2 years making a DAMN good album. The Truth was one of the best singles of the year. The release party was off the hook too.

7. Ne-Yo - Year of the Gentleman

I really enjoy this like I enjoy Kingdom Come. Not all the tracks are the best, but the content is mature and none of this "shake your junk" shit that happens too much. Hip-Hop needed this album. It just happened to be an R&B album.

8. Murs - Murs for President

Not up to par for a man who's last couple albums have been classics, but still a great album. The Hip-Hop version of Ne-Yo's joint?

9. Ludacris - Theater of the Mind

A great rebound album from Luda. The last one screamed 'gimmie a grammy' to me, and I wasn't feelin the whole runaway love stuff. He got it, so now he's back to his old self.

10. Common - UMC / Q-tip - The Renaissance

These albums were both so damn short. I had to count them as 1.

Honorable Mentions:
NERD - Seeing Sounds
Blu & Mainframe - Johnson & Johnson

Ok. A few bad ones:

Lil Wayne - Tha Carter 3

It had a few good joints, a few ok ones and a few bad ones, but it shouldn't be on ANYBODY's top 10 list.

T.I. - Paper Trail

Why does it seem I hear a lot of people saying this is T.I.'s Best Album? Did you guys ever listen to KING? Or for that matter ANY of his albums before that (except Ti. vs T.I.P.)

Ray J - All I Feel

You like to Trick? Really? See ya later Alligator. lmfao.

Bun B - II Trill

Rest in Peace PIMP C, but this was one of the worst albums I ever attempted to listen to all the way through a couple times just because I love Bun that much.

G-Unit - T.O.S.

More like P.O.S. - This goes under the Carter 3 definition but just a little bit worse. A few good tracks, not a lot of decent ones, a whole lot of bad ones. yyyyeeaaaaaNOOOO (c) Jim Carrey.

Kanye West - 808 & Heartbreaks

Give Kanye some singing lessons, Turn the autotune down just a tiny bit, change a few songs around and you've got a classic album. Don't do that, you've got a close but no cigar album. It didn't bug me as it bugged a lot of people I know that Yeezy can't sing. Cause this album definitely wasn't bad just wasn't that good.

There it is, folks. MINE. Agree? Disagree? Change? Way off Base? Mostly on Point? cuz it is fuck me, dwag, than you know its fuck you (c) DMX


Forgot to include probably the WORST album (no Trilla) of the year.
The Game- L.A.X.

I know it's a crowd favorite but this album was GARBAGE. MY LIFE was probably one of the worst songs I've heard in a long time. I fucked with the Dope Boys joint. Gotta love Beatles Samples.

Teriyaki Boyz - Work That (feat. Pharrell)


Why does p look so lost in this video? He's like 'I'm just doing this so I keep getting free bape shit' or 'I hope none of my friends see this.' lol. Chris Breezy got the right idea. "Just gimmie my check, but hell no I aint going to the video shoot."

New Music: Freeway - Do it to Death

New FREEWAY Joint produced by Tryfe of The Co-Op Production Team out of Atlanta/Seattle called Do it to Death. Click here to download bidges. All I got to say is... Heat.

Shout out to the homie mic phenom in the pic. He just dipped out of Seattle, but not before we got his ass drunk freestylin. Stay tuned sometime in the coming '09 for our Drunk Freestyle section. We've been collecting. lololol. and stay your ass out the streetz if you think you can rap and drink at the same time. hahaha.

The Way Back Machine: Jake One & H Bomb

Looks like Jake One is trying to get back into the habit of blogging. He put up this old gem he did with a guy named H Bomb way way back. The full story is back over at his blog, here's the track.

50 Cent talks about Young Buck

Yes, Young Buck was stupid..

Loso takes over Joe Budden TV

December 22, 2008

During Katrina... It was "ok" to shoot a black person..

Yea...  It's stuff like this that makes you mad.

New Music From Dyme Def

Dyme Def - Women Be Gettin it

Dyme Def - Fresher N My Kicks (featured on the 2dope West Coast Mixtape)

DV-One Website is LIVE


Enjoy this Embeddable dv-mix player:

Banana Creme Pie: Jesus Feet

It's snowing. I had to find SOMETHING to do. Found this on THE PROOF!


Soulful Sundaes: Chin Chin - Go There With You


So I was on the Definitive Jux Site a couple days ago, and I came across this free EP for download from this group called Chin Chin. I downloaded it just cuz..and I just put it on my phone. I hop in the shower to get myself together, I'ma need about an hour (c)Jeezy. ANYWAY! I am bumping some Roots, The Kills, The Raconteurs, Keane, Scarface, Ludacris, The new movie Cadillac Records' soundtrack(Which has more Beyonce than I expected, but it's dope nonetheless!), and a few other various artists of my liking. I all of a sudden hear this tropical lounge song...SUPER DEE DUPER melodic..and I'm just like WOW. This is pretty fantastic. DEFINITELY something I've never heard in my life. So I HOP out the shower mid-stream. Shampoo still in my hair. I dry off one of my hands and go grab the phone. Look down and see the name, put that b*tch on repeat and let it bang like 10 times over. HOTT SHIT!!! The entire EP is good so far, I'm about 3 songs through as I have the Blackberry on shuffle right now. But wow. I'm really digging Chin Chin now.

-Here's the Whole EP for Download for FREE!(From them of course. JUST SAY NO to PIRACY.)-

Time to research!

Soulful Sundaes: Flosstradamus feat. Caroline Polachek - Big Bills

I dug. Drop that shit in my pocket alredy. If it weren't for this snow I'd alredy be paid. My check is in the damn mail!!!! GIMME MIIINNNEE!!!

Flosstradamus feat. Caroline Polacheck - Big Bills

Albums of 2008 that YOU SHOULD HAVE!

I'm compiling a list of albums from this year that you BETTER have...you still got about a week left. Get on your proverbial GRIND. You think you alredy got everything you need? Oh wait, there's more than just Lil WEEZY, YEEZY, JEEZY, BASHFUL, HAPPY, and JOC on the list?!?!?! Who told you Drop-Bomb was just about hip-hop? Shiiiitt... This fine lady here MIGHT be on my top ten list.

Look out for a Top 10 Albums and Top 10 Films of 2008 from each of the Bomb Squad sometime Next Week. Fux wit us.


December 21, 2008

Sample of the Week (M.O.P. - Cold as Ice)

I'm currently in a temporary cheap ass apartment in one of the many offshoot cities of Seattle until the economy gets its damn act together or I get off my ass and settle for a job that isn't part of my career path. So I've got more snow than downtown, but it's still COLD AS ICE out here. I think we're at about 8 inches. Also in case you missed the memo, SEATTLE PEOPLE CAN NOT DRIVE IN THE SNOW! Say what you want, but we handle the rain pretty well because that's all it does out here anyway. Snow is another matter. Anyway, I figured I'd get around to a sample this week and this is the first song that came to mind besides that shovelin snow shit with weezy and currency but damn if I'm about to work hard and find if there was any samples on that beat.

Writer: Foreigner - Cold As Ice

Biter: M.O.P - Cold as Ice

Banana Creme Pie: The Spirit of Truth

Who remembers this motherfucker?????? OMG. LMFAOROFLMFAO.

Soulful Sundaes: Gorilla Zoe - Lost

You know...it's not super deep, and he doesn't need to sing...but as least he got some help on the hook from whoever that girl is. Good job for Zoe. I'm happy to see more mainstream artists trying to switch up their schtick.

Lil Wayne is on the song too btw. Props to Zoe for not using Wayne for the video. Get your money by your lonely player.

Uh Huh.

Likely No Sunday Night Sound Session

Because it's now a Sunday Night Snow Session in Seattle. Along with the Yo! Son with DV One and the Blue Scholars shows. Damn near everything in the next couple days is canceled. Stay tuned to drop-bomb.com for updates on events. I'm gonna get a sample of the week cooked up sometime today so look for that later. Until then, enjoy DMX's latest abomination of music because Jesus does not even know that man. lol.

(NOT SO)Soulful Sundaes: DMX - Jesus Loves Me

I swear this guy...............JUS LISTEN

December 20, 2008

Ayo Technology: Exile on the MPC

The man has some real skills.

Exile "Milli" Video from Jonathan Kim on Vimeo.

Look for "Radio" to drop soon.

December 19, 2008

Blue Scholars 3 Day Pass Rescheudled

Neumo's and Massline regret to inform you that this weekend's Blue Scholars, Common Market shows has been canceled due to weather. These shows will be rescheduled per below. We'll announce openers and give you more info soon. Sorry about the weather, I'll try to get it under control by March. So stay in tonight, and be especially careful tomorrow night - might want to get some firewood and candles too. And maybe whiskey to stay warm. And a nice friend. And bring your pets inside.

I guess the third wave will have to wait.

Anyhow, If you have tickets for tonight, you can use them at the new shows, or refund them at point of purchase. If you purchased your ticketsonline, plea se contact webmaster@ticketswest.com for exact instructions or call (800.992.TIXX (8499) or 206.632.TIXX (8499) or 503-224-TIXX (8499)). Have available your order number information so they can process your refund as quickly as possible.

Saturday March 14, 2009
Blue Scholars
Common Market
Special Guests
All Ages :: 8 PM Doors

Sunday March 15, 2009
Blue Scholars
Common Market
Special Guests
All Ages :: 8 PM Doors

Monday March 16, 2009
Blue Scholars
Common Market
Special Guests
21+ :: 8 PM Doors

925 E Pike Street
Seattle WA 98122
Tickets at Ticketswest.com

Sparks "Energy Drink" Discontinued

So..unfortunately for Drew Down and the rest of the senior class at Bayside..Miller has decided to discontinue selling Sparks Alcoholic Energy Beverage. Peep the newsflash below.

"MillerCoors LLC has come under fire recently by over a dozen states for the sale of alcoholic energy drinks such as their lead seller, Sparks.

The original complaint was that the addition of caffene and other ingredients to alcohol would decrease the drinkers sense of intoxicaion, and increase the risk of driving dangers. Also that they were sick of the wimp drinkers who couldnt handle a real beer or a shot of hard liquor.

Okay, maybe not that second part. Actually, Sparks is stronger than most cans of beer, but the attorney generals are worried that it promotes underage drinking because of it’s candy flavor and the fact it looks like any other energy drink.

The Milwaukee-based company says it will remove caffeine, taurine, guarana and ginseng from Sparks and will not produce caffeinated alcohol beverages.

So does this mean that when this all happens ‘Sparks’ will just be another malt liquor?

St. Louis based company Anheiser Busch has alredy stated that they would reformulate their Tilt and Budweiser Extra beverages to be removed of all of these energy ingredients as well."

Jaegerbombs and Vodka Red Bulls it is from now on out!!!! CHYEA!



Rest In Peace: Sparks

*sigh* I can't even begin to tell anyone how much of this shit I've drank in my lifetime. Seriously. I'm in tears.

If you're not familiar with Sparks, you might think that mixing an energy beverage and malt liquor in one can is a little bit like buying premade s'mores or those jars that come with the peanut butter and jelly already swirled together. (And if you haven't thought of mixing caffeine and alcohol in the first place, then you really are over 30.) But Sparks has a taste all its own—more like frothy Tang than beer and Red Bull combined.

Scientists have also argued that mixing a downer (alcohol) with an upper (caffeine) can send your heart rate on a rollercoaster ride (all while your mind rattles with the question "How drunk am I?"). And research conducted at Wake Forest University found that students who mixed both ingredients—as in, vodka and Red Bull—were more injury-prone than those who stuck to straight alcohol.

Despite this slander—as I'll call it—Sparks, and beverages like it, had been approved by the federal regulating authorities several times, overcoming criticism of the way they were formulated, labeled, marketed and sold. In the eyes of the government, this glorious nectar was good to go. But unfortunately, that didn't stop more than a dozen state attorney generals from initiating lawsuits this year. Nearly all of them mentioned that teachers didn't know that the students drinking Sparks in their class were not just drinking another energy drink.

In the end, authorities won out and MillerCoors chose to "reformulate" the beverage (removing the uppers) in an agreement reached on Thursday. In short, I'll lose my stimulant-filled Saturday evenings, and the corporation will pay $550,000 to the 13 states that challenged it, as well as the city of San Francisco.

For all my Seattle fam, stay tuned. We'll be throwing a party NOT to mourn the loss of our dear friend Sparks. This will be a party to CELEBRATE the LIFE of our good friend. If you're gonna miss sparks like I am. Make sure you take the $310 you were about to spend on some JO's on Eastbay tonite before the bullshit ass website crashed when you had the shit in your cart. and go to your nearest AMPM and COP that shit before Jan 10th. We're going to throw the party sometime before then. Stay tuned.

Soulful Sundaes: Shad K

Stole this from Hyphen's blog. This thing left me speechless. There's so many quotables, I can't write all of them. So I just picked one:

I mean by my means, I can't afford this. and no I ain't the mike jordan of recordin, but even jordan had a grant like horace

MSTRKRFT feat N.O.R.E. and Isis - Bounce(All I Do Is Party)















And the music keeps on playin..

Holla. Shouts to Shepard Fairey on the cover work.

There's a garage in Capitol Hill that needs to get snapped. They drew this on their garage. Yeah that's right..

America's got Talent.

Have a Seat....

I don't care if Chris Hansen was telling me to take a seat..I'm not sitting in this fucking chair..

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Ayo Technology: Hugo BOSS!

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Following suit from the Prada and LV phones, Hugo the Boss had to get his cut in the wireless market. If you buy this phone you're a prudent bitch.

If I buy it I'm a connoisseur.

Gabriel Teodros and Mystic JAN. 9th

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Gabriel Teodros BETTER be on your radar. He's doing the MOST for the city these days, and his music is dope. If you forgot who Mystic is, maybe this will jog your memory. She got a grammy nomination with Planet Asia for their song "W" back in the day. She dropped an album called Cuts for Luck and Scars for Freedom. The shows gonna be SO DOPE. See you there.

Whatup Melly Mel! Whatup Hidmo! Whatup Gabriel!

Cancer Rising WONT make it tonight

Circumstances beyond their control will prevent them from performing tonight, but go anyway!

December 18, 2008

GMK @ Chop Suey Tomorrow is STILL ON!

No matter the weather, he'll be there for those that can make it. I got an email from the man himself today, we just wanted to make sure everyone knows what it is. Experience the brilliance tomorrow evening and GMK promises you a Hot Cocoa on his tab.

Drive slow, homie and use some common sense. You don't want to be where I was today. lol. I'm just saying, you would think if you're at the top of a iced up hill, and you see two cars already crashed into each other. You think you would a) turn around or b) go the long way around. Well about 7 or 8 bitches decided to do option c) go down the hill anyway. This was the result:

There's a few more cars behind the dude walking and a few more to come still after this picture. You fuckin Seattle people. All I got to say is, thank god it wasn't my car.

December 17, 2008

Air Heads: 11+12 = 23

Oh God. This weekend's pack is going to be RIDICULOUS! I don't know how long I'm gonna have to camp out, but I think I'll do what's necessary to get these joints, cus I am not gonna pay $500 on Craigslist. Mr. Izzle, I truly envy you at this moment. However, shall that bitch fail on her "going away present" (muahaha). That is a offense punishable by death. Holler if ya hear me.

Banana Creme Pie/Soulful Sundaes: Macy Gray - Slap A B!tch

ahahahhahahahaha. She's back. I dedicate this to Tia in the fullest. I'm gonna make my own user-generated version of this music video when i see her ass after Letti gets paid!!! Copyright that BITCHES!!!!

Shouts to Dan Park and the FRA Agency for the Drop!

Nike Air Max 90 - Cool Grey

I'm so in love with AM90's it's not even funny. These are dope. Just released, go cop!

LMAO - Hit Bush With Your Shoe Game


Jake One interview at AllHipHop.com

Just an excerpt:

"Jake One: There’s a couple other projects I’m working on bringing to them that would definitely shock people, so hopefully next year we’re going to see those come to fruition. There’s a lot of songs recorded but there’s nothing set in stone yet, so I don’t want to throw something out there that people are going to ask me about that doesn’t happen [laughs] I’ve been dealing with [Rhymesayers] for a minute, and there’s definitely a family atmosphere over there, no pun intended. I believe in what they do, I appreciate the way they handle business the way they pushed the record. It’s kind of a lost art. A lot of the indie labels at this point are so strapped for cash that they don’t have the staff to pull off the kind of leg work that they can do. And they have a really serious brand that I’m contributing to as well.

AllHipHop.com: So what do you have confirmed for 2009?

Jake One: There’s a couple things I’m working on that are potentially really, really big. But I’ve got a couple songs on the new Prodigy album, I’m on Scarface’s new album, De La Soul should be 2009. I’m doing a lot of work on Freeway’s new record, although where that’s coming out has yet to be determined."

DOPE. Get the rest HERE!!