February 29, 2008

Izza Kizza ft. Missy Elliott - Walk the Dawg

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This is one of Timbo's new artist's, the song is pretty cool. However, history has proven Timbo's artists only do well when they're female.

Aliyah -> Win
Missy -> Win
Bubba Sparxxx -> Fail

Henry wanted to contribute:
Petey Pablo -> FAIL
D.O.E. -> FAIL
Justin -> WIN!

lol. I'm gonna get him a pw to this blog, he's ALways got interesting shit to say.

lol, I'm not saying Bubba wasn't dope, because he was/is, but for some reason, unless you're female you won't do well on Timbo's label. Just stating facts.

Anyway, Download/listen here


Lil Wil - My Dougie

This is some sort of a homemade music video that they made for this song. Unfortunately the remix with Soulja Boy will soon be released with a video too. Soulja Boy came under fire earlier this year when he bit lil wil's My Dougie and tried to label it his new "swag dance"... glad to see all is right in the world of snap dance disco bullshit!

I don't really like the song, it's ok for this type of stuff. But the main reason I posted this is because the real Dougie (Doug E. Fresh for all you non learnin mothafuckas out there.) Showed up for this video. Peep the dude in the blue vest. I mean, if I was Doug E, I'd be flattered, but I'm not sure unless they came proper with a nice check, I'd get my ass outta bed for this video.


The Roots “75 Bars (Black’s Reconstruction)”



P.S. Is it just me, or is Rik Cordero getting A LOT of work these days?


Consequence - Feel This Way

Joell Ortiz - Ups & Downs

Jay-Z - Blue Magic Trailer

Interview with Rik Cordero

will.i.am Speaks on the music industry

Just saying what we all know these days. Although what's more shocking is he curses a lot in this video. I would've never thought he was a cursing kinda dude. Yao Ming?


Jay-Z f. Mary J. Blige & Swizz Beatz - You're All Welcome

I could honestly do without Swizzy. I got love for the dude's production, but SHUT THE FUCK UP!


Thank You.

Download Here


February 28, 2008

Whaaaaat IT IS!?!?!?! DJ Khalil Previews new Nas track

DJ Khalil is a beast. Here he is in a video explaining his work with the program REASON as well as giving a preview of a possible track from the NAS title NIGGER. Enjoy

Jay Smart


Soulja Boy gets his own Shoe Deal.

Maybe he'll stop rocking fake Jordan's now. Maybe.

Seriously, Purple 4's? *SMH*


Where yo drank at!

Introducing DRANK:

A new purple Anti-Energy Drink, for when you need to slow your roll. Now I'm kind of a bitter old man these days, so maybe I just want everybody off Hip-Hop's lawn so to speak and stop raping the culture to make a few bucks. However, MAYBE this will help turn around the resurgence of the syrup movement that's been happening lately because all the little kids no longer have to sip that lean. Probably too late for Weezy though. This is based in Houston and going worldwide in September apparently. Whatchu think?


Bitches & Hoes: Exploring Misogyny in Hip-Hop

Newsweek wrote an article about rappers calling bitches bitches. Kind of interesting, but nothing groundbreaking. Check it out.

Cliff Notes: A bitch is not referring to all women, so get over it bitches.


Mariah Carey - Touch My Body

Song is even pretty good but that's not why I posted this video.


G-Unit - Good To Me

This is only worth listening to because Curtis says something like "You're like the boogie man, you hauntin me bitch!" and stuff like "Why don't you do something constructive, kill yourself!"

I feel the same way sometimes, Curtis. We like Siamese twins. (c) 'Ye


Dead Prez Riot at Evergreen. What REALLY happened?

Apparently some students needed to pass a class or something and decided to make a documentary video of what happened. Pretty well done.

Cliff Notes Version: They arrest the wrong guy, Students gets mad, Campus police call for backup from Olympia Po Po, They come in pepper spray and fists blazin, everybody gets O U MAD at that, They start an "Uprising", They GTFO the place and the kids flip over the car while screaming "Wu Tang Clan Ain't Nuttin to Fuck With!", Riot police show up a few hours later, Police reports seem to leave out a few details. Everybody is still O U MAD. Hooray for Hip-Hop.


February 27, 2008

Lil Wayne "not fuckin' with 50"

Bun B: "There Is another UGK Album"

Allhiphop.com had a recent sit-down with 1/2 of the UnderGround Kings.  It's a pretty nice interview, and in the interview he says it'll be a new UGK album (thank God.)  We get to hear one more album with The Pimp.



February 21, 2008

Clinton VS Obama: Debate tonight

I Hope all of you smart people have been payin' attention politics as of late.  It won't be to long till America is talkin about a new president, n gettin' Bush's ass outta office.

Anyway, this is the closest Democratic run off in years, and Obama's won 10 states straight.  If Hillary can't win Texas tonight, she can hang it up.  Me personally, I have no problem with either.

Anyway!  There's a debate goin' on tonight at 7p.m. Central time on CNN.  WATCH IT!  LEARN SOMETHIN'!  And don't forget, choosin' one of the two canidates here is basically splittin' hairs.  Obama bandwagoners, lets not forget WE DID LIKE CLINTON.  BILL DID do a GOOD JOB with a REPUBLICAN HOUSE.  We have a DEMOCRATIC house now.  Hillary bandwagoners, maybe, jus maybe, Obama may know wtf he's talkin' about.  Bill was young when he 1st went into office too.  So make sure you back whoever you choose out of these two, that is, if you're gonna vote democrat of course.  And whoever wins, you support your party, their policies aren't to different.

My Boy's been Stadium Status, Kanye's Biiiiig Brooother n Mary J add more dates to the tour

Jay-Z and Mary J Blidge's Heart Of The City Tour's dates are all set and ready to go.  And Drop Bomb (YAY YAY!) will be in the buildin' April 9th for the New Orleans show.  So you'll actually see the review for this show before the glow in the dark tour.  Who knows what Mr. Carter or Ms. Blidge will pull along for special guests.  From what I've experienced personally, and what I've seen on TV, Jay puts on a hell of a show.  It'll be my 1st chance to see Mary, (bein' from where I'm from people don't like to come down close to me :(  ).  Anyway!  We'll definately see what they pull outta their hat, and we'll definately let ya know.  

Last time I went to a Jay-Z concert, it was the Jay-Z & R. Kelly Best Of Both Worlds tour.  And they were hatin' on cameras.  So we'll see if I can smuggle one in.  Either way, you'll get the Fresh concert breakdown soon as I get back to the workstation.  Unless, of course, some serious circumstances prevent me from doin' so.

Tour Dates Below.

* = New cities and dates added.

March 22 Miami, FL American Airlines Arena
March 26 Baltimore, MD 1st Mariner Arena
March 27 Uniondale, NY Nassau Veterans Memorial Coliseum
March 28 East Rutherford, NJ Izod Center
March 30 Philadelphia, PA Wachovia Center
April 2 Toronto, ON Air Canada Centre
April 3 Boston, MA TD Banknorth Garden
April 5 Greensboro, NC Greensboro Coliseum
April 6 Washington, DC Verizon Center
April 8 Atlanta, GA Phillips Arena*
April 9 New Orleans, LA New Orleans Arena*
April 10 Houston, TX Toyota Center*
April 12 Dallas, TX Superpages.com Center*
April 16 Los Angeles, CA Hollywood Bowl
April 20 Oakland, CA Oracle Arena*
April 26 Chicago, IL United Center*

(Oh, and as far as I'm concerned, CRS will be tight as long as Lupe Raps 60%, Kanye 30%, and Pharrell only SINGS for 10%...  That wasn't a joke.)


February 16, 2008




Drop Bomb is going to be IN THE BUILDING.. April 16th is the set date to kick off Kanye West's Glow in the Dark tour! Seattle is actually the very first night for the tour, so I definitely expect some fireworks. They have to start the tour off with a good review, so we're guessing the chances of some Extra guest performances and stuff is going to be pretty high. Maybe Common? Consequence? T-Pain? The Clipse?

Who knows maybe Common will come? Mos Def? I mean there are HUGE chances of this happening in my humble opinion. Think about it..even though Kanye most likely won't perform many songs from The College Dropout..he MIGHT. Which means, he may perform Two Words. Which features Mos Def. Now N.E.R.D. ALSO has a song with Mos Def and Common, which would be the "She Wants To Move Remix," and since Common and Ye have songs together as well.....Put 2 and 2 together suckas!!!

So Lupe is going to be there as well..and Rihanna. I think I'll have probably three seperate memory sticks for my camera, also a few SD cards for the camcorder..I might get a better camera too. It's pretty dope because the concert is a week after my birthday. So I will be SOOOO FLLYYYY. We gotta get FREESSSHHH..oh man. It's gonna be crazy.


OF COURSE they're going to leak some new CRS songs..at least a snippet of one. THEY GOTTA!!!!

So enough of the banter; We'll be doing a review of the concert for all you beautiful people out there. I'm gonna post videos and stuff too. Welcome to the Good Life.

If you're in the Seattle area we will see you all there!!!

=ToP ! FLiTE=

BTW. We got extra tickets.

Glow In The Dark Tour Dates

4/16/2008 - Key Arena - Seattle, WA

4/18/2008 - ARCO Arena - Sacramento, CA

4/19/2008 - HP Pavilion At San Jose - San Jose, CA

4/20/2008 - San Diego Sports Arena - San Diego, CA

4/21/2008 - Nokia Theatre LA Live - Los Angeles, CA

4/27/2008 - Pepsi Center - Denver, CO

5/01/2008 - Superpages Center - Dallas, TX

5/02/2008 - Woodlands Pavilion - Woodlands, TX

5/04/2008 - Arena at Gwinnett Center - Atlanta, GA

5/22/2008 - Palace of Auburn Hills - Auburn Hills, MI

5/23/2008 - United Center - Chicago, IL

February 14, 2008

A Fresh Mixtape

Dj Drama & Fabolous - There Is No Competition - Download


1. Intro
2. Niggas Know
3. Suicide
4. Fuck Wit Street Fam feat. Neo Da Matrix
5. We Do This Shit
6. Back To The Damn Thing
7. Here's Another Hit
8. Paperman Feat. Neo Da Matrix
9. Taking Pictures Feat. Red Cafe, Paul Cain, Freck Billionaire
10. Mo Cars Mo Hos Feat Freck Billionaire
11. Hustlas Poster Child Feat. Cassidy
12. La The Darkman & Willie The Kid - Hand On My Glock
13. IĆ¢€™m Getting Money - Feat. Freck Billionaire
14. U Aint Saying Shit
15. Brooklyn'€™s Finest
16. Fuck Em All feat. Red Cafe
17. PaperTouchin - Red Cafe
18. Fall Back
19. I Came From Money
20. I Don'€™t See Nobody
21. I'™m Da Main Remix Feat Red Cafe, Freck Billionaire, Paul Cain
22. Pimp My Blood
23. Say Hello
24. Outro
25. Dope Boys

Some other good pics...  G-Unit : Return of the Body Snatchers, Snoop Dogg : Before Ego Trippin', Clipse : We Got It 4 Cheap Vol. 3

February 13, 2008

A Fresh BreakDown - Pastor Troy : Attitude Adjuster

Did yall know this guy was makin' albums still, bet ya didn't.  Well,  the industry hasn't been to forgivin' for the ol' P.T. since the album "By Any Means Necessary" didn't break through like Universal thought.  That was his last "well-known" industry pushed album.  Since then he's been pumpin' out albums every now n again under various independent labels.  And ever since that classic "Face Off", he kinda lost that deep-side to his music that everyone loved so much, only little flashes of it.  But P.T. says he's not out of it yet.

Now, if you're a southerner like me, or like alot of nice beats full-o-bass, you're gonna like this one.  It's full of great great great beats.  And, surprisingly, The Pastor makes up his mind to diversify his subject matter again.  Unfortunately there's no "Vice Versa, Acid Rain, Eternal Yard Dash," type songs.  Hooks ain't take to much thought either.  But at least he ain't in the club all day on this joint.  Pretty short CD, 14 tracks, 4 of those are interludes...  C'mon P.T..  Anyway, it's a pretty decent CD to welcome the Hip Hop world into 2008.

Album Ratin' - 4.0
Fav Tracks - I'm Hot, Street Law, For My Soldiers, Down To Ride, License To Kill


February 10, 2008

The Elephant in the Room is greedy with more than Food

8 years after Big Pun's death.  It seems the family still hasn't seen any royalties from those multi-platinum albums.

Real messed up Joe, epseically considerin' the fact he was the best ghostwriter you ever had, people use to listen to your music back then!


February 09, 2008

Boo F**kin' Hoo: Pats Fans Cry Foul....

Now, I've been a Raider fan for a good minute.  So, you people who watch football know, that I may despise the Patriots more than anything, mainly because they cheat.  But as a Raider fan, I'm not alone, I've observed the Pats blatantly cheat ALOT.  Now they've been gettin' away with this for years, and most Pats fans would argue you down that those were the right calls.  But now since we've seen the cocky sore losers choke in the biggest game of their franchise...  Some Pats fans have found them abit of nerve.  These sore losers claim they were CHEATED!!  PATRIOT FANS SAY THEY WERE CHEATED!  ARE YOU FUCKIN' KIDDIN' ME?! LET ME REPEAT THAT AGAIN!  THE PATRIOT FANS CLAIM THEY WERE CHEATED!....  Well, anyway, these sore losers have even gone so far to sign a petition and send it to Roger Goodell's office.  I mean, it's bad enough he didn't take your 7th round pick for spy-gate, or made you forefeit the game..  You---  I swear the nerve of some people.   

Original Source..

Karma's a bitch ain't it? Go Eli.