March 30, 2009

We$ Goodlife & GMK's New Vid

LOL. Wes got jacked. Not sure if he'll let me post it, but fuck it, it's out.

LeBron from BEHIND half court on 60 minutes

one take. wow.

Here's the whole 60 minutes video

Watch CBS Videos Online

New JAY-Z -MAYBE!!!!!!!!

NEW Jay-Z... Ummm yeah word.

PS: this is the unfinished version.


I guess Jay-Z, who to me seems like not a very tech savvy guy, finally jumped on the social site/big ass promtional site by launching ROC4LIFE... I'll put five on it that says its better then Dames... who wants in?


Young Jeezy -Don't Dot it

Directed by Gabriel Hart.

March 29, 2009

Soulful Sundaes - Gifted feat. Kanye West, Lykke Li, and Santogold - N.A.S.A

Shouts to Pedestrian News on the Lace Up! This song dropped back in December of 2008, but not too many people know about it yet. North America South America's album, which won't even be dropping(yet) in the states, is slated for release late this month in the UK. N.A.S.A consists of Sam Speigal(Spike Jonze's brosef) and Ze Gonzalez. The video is a golden one. and needless to say the lineup is undeniable on the track.

Far Out!

Soulful Sundaes: The Kills - Black Balloon

Midnight Boom was a FUCKING HOTT ASS cd. Easily reaching my top 10 for the last year. Scope the video for black balloon

The Kills - Black Balloon from kenneth cappello on Vimeo.

Spotted at HHG.

T-Pain In Golf Cart Accident, Loses Teeth

What could you possibly doing at ~5mph in a golf cart to be losin teeth?

March 28, 2009

Soulful Sundaes: The Grouch - Hot Air Balloons (Feat. Bicasso & Scarub)

So take a couple Living Legends, mix those with a dope beat, throw in some stunning visuals by Matt Hobbs and you'll have Hot Air Balloons. Disfrutas!

Babs Bunny - Odds and Evens

A little Brooklyn banger for your earlobes.

March 27, 2009

Rapping Flight Attendant

Dude can spit too. lol.

Just Move Your ASS

Blu & Exile - "Dancing in the Rain" snippet (tall) from gregthedude on Vimeo.

Greg The Dude.


Banana Cream Pie: Fuck Bitches, Get Money

The Smoking Gun gets you right EVERY week with these photos. Check his "Fuck Bitches" tat on the left picture. hahaha

This guy is down for his own shit though. (no homo / biggie skit)

Air Heads: Nike Air Yeezy Release Date

Hot shoe, but I'm gonna pass on these colorways until they get to the good shit.

Nike Air Yeezy
Zen Grey/Light Charcoal

Rick Ross - Valley of Death

Takes a few more shots at 50 and then proceeds to get his self promotion game on at the end. Decent song though. Can't ever take that away from homie. He does make some good rap songs. None of it is probably true, but hey. I'll be bootlegging the album when it drops.

Usually you put quotes up from like... respectable people. But this shit was funny.

"This is gonna be the album of the year"
-Dj Khaled

What's next?

"This album is awesome"
-Rick Ross

GLC Fest Kanye West -Big Screen

DAMN they got my man, BLENDER!!!!!!!!!!

NEW YORK (AdAge.com) -- Alpha Media Group closed Blender magazine today, eliminating about 30 jobs and reducing its portfolio of titles to Maxim alone. The April issue of Blender out now will be its last.

The April issue of Blender out now will be its last.
The decision, delivered to Blender staff in a meeting this morning, came as part of broader changes that also included the departure of Alpha co-CEO Glenn Rosenbloom and the integration of editorial staff for Maxim and Maxim Digital.

read more here

The recession is real people...

DJ Class FEAT Kanye West -I'm the shit

This is my shit.... check it out


March 26, 2009

21MC x J.Davey "The Body Electric" Tee.

I shoulda posted this a MINUTE ago, but better late than missin the bus ya dugg..My folks Emeka and MJ, and the rest of the 21 Maroons Colony recently collabed with Jack Davey on a Tee. The rest is history. These are going fast so hop on 21 Bizzare and get right. These are limited edition, so hurry! I got mine today! BTW I WANT TO FUCK JACK DAVEY.

Her and I are gonna collab too, she just don't know it yet.


Linda Farrow Vintage for Bernard Wilhelm

The name is insanely long but these are an eye-catcher fa sho. I'd prefer digital underground's humpty glasses with the nose over these, but I STILL would cop. HOTT SHIT!!

RockersNYC 2009 Video Lookbook

This is what's up. I've always been a fan of Rockers, and this is viral marketing at it's best. I'm gonna email blast this to everyone I know with the quickness. Video Lookbooks IS DA FOOOOTUREEE!!!


Finally!! The HARE Jordans?!!?!?!?

OH my stars..I've been waiting since Space Jam for these!!!!! Sooo clean..just in time for summer too. These will be out on April 11th, and running for right around 100 bucks. Hit The BEAST for more info on these.

Air Heads: Nike Air Max 90 Flywire Quickstrike

Hot sneakers, grayscale came in style, and sorta never went back out. These will be available on April 17th. COP COP COP COP COP!!!!

Oh boi.

March 25, 2009

Hollywood Divorce: Where The Wild Things Are

If you're not excited, check your pulse.

Georgio Brown Presents Coolout TV featuring D Black

Georgio Brown presents Coolout TV featuring D Black from Georgio Brown on Vimeo.

Coolout TV caught up with Sportin Life Records artist D Black as he hit the stage at The Peace Project held at Nectar in Freemont. D Black talks about what we need to do as a community to stop the violence. LIVE performance also features Grynch.

Common Market - Escaping Arkham (Video)

Banana Creme Pie: Mr. Turner DUI Video

"Do the muthafuckin' shit!" - Mr. Turner

thank you

March 24, 2009

Dyme Def - Pick Up Ya Flow BEHIND THE SCENES

We got some footage as well, which I just handed off to WES, so we should have something to post in the next couple days.

holla. LMFAO @ Pickupthephone #1 ringtone in the world.

PART 2 and 3 below:

Keri Hilson feat Ye and GoGo -Knock you down

Man the bottom of her bootty is spilling out under them short-shorts. I hate to get my highschool'on but she gave me a chubby watching this shit.

Scratch: The Ultimate DJ trailer

I guess it was just a matter of time before they tried making another hip-hop game. I won't buy it sorry Manie...

Blood the Last Vampire trailer

Please step your anime game up...

March 23, 2009

I'm N Love With a Stripper

Hahaha. This guy gets BEAT DOWN!!


Love Sex Magic

Not really a fan of the song too much. But I'm definitely a fan of Ciara rolling around in tight clothes.

It says the joint is produced by Justin Timberland too. interesting. bah.



ONE place for ALL TeH beatz.

Big ups. Drop-bomb.com is the next to blow. Just wait till I get my moneeeyyy right (c) Mr. West

Complex Magazine April Issue Cover Art.


Big Love

I think I need a Late Pass on this show. Why have I heard about it, but never watched it.

going to do it tomorrow

March 22, 2009

Soulful Sundaes: Jazze Pha, Twista, Cee-Lo - Say Say

Say Say (feat. Cee-Lo, Jazze Pha & Big Zak) - Twista

Randomly came across this joint on the random play of the whole library. Bangin. Soulful Sundaes on that ass. Holla at me.

March 20, 2009

Mixtape Movies - Life After Death

Asher Roth - Lark on my Go Kart

So random. This kid spits though.

Brainstorm & Spaceman - Illness (prod/dir: Jack the Ripper)

Jack The Ripper - Illness (Feat. Brainstorm & Spaceman) from vH on Vimeo.

LOL @ the Cop CAMEO at the end.

Shouts to EVERYONE on this. Heat.

Jack the Ripper on the beat. Holla!

Logic$ - Since I been gone Featuring Lux Tha Pilot - (Produced by Brainstorm)

I Fux Wit it. Logic$ and Drop-Bomb folks may be collabing on a vid pretty soon too, so stay tuned, unless he was just trippin off the bottle of Patron he tried passing to me. lol.

Off the Album "When All Else Fails"


Fat Joe - Hey Joe

How can one artist be so god damn inconsistent. Lots of people forget Joe was holdin his own in DITC and his FAT JOE DA GANGSTA days. Even his All or Nothing album was worth the purchase IMO but nothing lately. Well Cook Coke himself goes the fucc "N" on this latest joint with "Infamous" on the beats killing the Jimi Hendrix Sample.

DOWNLOAD: Fat Joe - Hey Joe
and FUCK a zshare out here. This Box site is WAYYYY better.

And as if you didn't even KNOW better, catch the writer not a biter version below:

Hey Joe - Jimi Hendrix Experience

Sample of the Week should return next week, I've been quite busy, it's a god damn Miracle Wes came along the help out the blogging. Also, look forward to interviews with Big Pooh and Saigon (hopefully) coming soon!

Also, credit where it's due: NMC Exclusive

Dj Semaj Presents: Raw Material [OneTrackClassics]

A Free EP from Tacoma's DJ Semaj. It features 11 talented folks you may or may not have heard before, serving the mic. All beats have been...excuse me, all Leroys have been properly laced by Semaj, so enjoy!

Download DJ Semaj Presents: Raw Material

March 19, 2009

Tabi Bonney –Rich Kids

Tabi Bonney –Rich Kids

I like this dude… his music is cool but he can direct a mean video.

March 18, 2009


The hottest party in Seattle is back again! This time the theme is "Models and Bottles" and you're gonna wanna be there. There is still a little time to get on the list, but you gotta be quick. Let me know if you wanna go.
Come see what all the hype is about.

Hit Me Up!!!

And here is the flyer for next month's EARLY!

Video from one of the previous GTP's.

Murs -Me and This Jawn

I'm not sure but I think that's a pornstar... not judging just say.

March 17, 2009

Saigon and Statik Seletah -All in a Days work

This mixtape/album was crafted in something like 26hours and its doper then most... you need to listen to this shit on the real... The songs are short but damn if they ain't dope.


The Perfect Pint!

I am a quarter Irish(No, SERIOUSLY), so I gotta show love for Saint Pat. Complex shows us here how to pour the perfect pint. Sizzurp need not apply. Who's up for some Reese's Peanut Butter shots tonite?!!??!

Look up the recipe.

Go Green.

March 16, 2009

Sasquatch 2009!

You better bet that sweet ass(no homo) we'll be there. This lineup is FUCKING crazy thus far..I don't know how it could get better next to Jesus returning at the Gorge.

Sat. May 23
Sun. May 24
Mon. May 25

Here's the current lineup:
Jane's Addiction
Kings of Leon
Nine Inch Nails
Ben Harper & Restless7
Yeah Yeah Yeahs
Erykah Badu
The Decemberists
Fleet Foxes
TV on the Radio
Animal Collective
Silversun Pickups
Bon Iver
Of Montreal
Explosions in the Sky
Peter Bjorn & John
Gogol Bordello
M. Ward
The Avett Brothers
Grizzly Bear
Girl Talk
The Gaslight Anthem
The Walkmen
Chromeo (DJ set)
Sun Kil Moon
Airborne Toxic Event
Blitzen Trapper
The Wrens
King Khan and the Shrines
St. Vincent
Passion Pit
John Vanderslice
Bishop Allen
Blind Pilot
AA Bondy
Black Moth Super Rainbow
The Knux
Ra Ra Riot
The Dodos
Beach House
Arthur & Yu
The Submarines
Owl City
Viva Voce
James Pants
Mt. St. Helens Vietnam Band
The Builders & the Butchers
The Duchess & the Duke
Natalie Portman's Shaved Head
Dent May & His Magnificent Ukulele
School of Seven Bells
Death Vessel
Horse Feathers
Point Juncture WA
The Pica Beats
Loch Lomond
Vince Mira
Zach Galifiankis
Demetri Martin
Tim & Eric Awesome Show Great Job
Todd Barry
Jon Benjamin
God's Pottery
People's Republic of Komedy

Trick Trick was NOT shot this past weekend.

Quick Breakdown...

-Detroit is mad at Jimmy for jackin' the whole "na na na" thing.  ( The Detroit version is pretty nice though).  
-Jimmy came to Detroit to perform, stage got rushed, shots rang out
-Whole lotta rumors came out, (Jimmy denied he got whooped), and the Newspaper says Trick Trick was shot.
-Well, Trick Trick says otherwise:

He told WKQI-FM (95.5) on Monday morning that he was at home "restin' and chillin'." "I'm at home. I ain't left this house since Saturday." Trick told WKQI's "Mojo in the Morning" program Monday morning. Trick said he received a concerned phone call from his mother early Monday, after she had heard a report on television that her son had been shot. After he told her he was safe at home, Trick said his mother called WDIV-TV (Channel 4) and told them to stop reporting the story. As for why he had been linked to the shooting incident that reportedly left two wounded, "I'm still trying to figure that out," Trick said. (Detroit News)
But if our boy Trick Trick did get shot, some poor human being was gonna get hurt soon.  Somebody still might get hurt, lol.

Pimpin' Curly Gets High

One Of the Triple C's gets knocked out... And guess who's playin' commentator

All I can say is damn....

88 keys -Stay up! (Viagra)

March 15, 2009

WOW..really Gig Harbor???

Watch out for the KP Mafia. Gig Harbor is not playin, they gets it "N."

From the Kitsap Sun

A man calling on behalf of his 15-year-old son on Thursday reported the apparent theft of the boy's collection of $2 bills from the family's Olalla home.

The last time the boy had looked at the box, which was hidden behind his bed, was around Feb. 15, the man told Kitsap County sheriff's deputies. At that time, there was a total of $550 worth of $2 bills in the box, as well as two $2 silver certificates.

On Thursday, the box was not behind the bed.

The man said the box had gone missing once before. That time, it allegedly had taken by the boy's biological mother, who does not live in the home.

Deputies took fingerprints around the boy's room, but found nothing that would indicate a possible suspect. No charges have been filed.

March 14, 2009

MF Doom -Batty Boyz

I fucks wit Doom!!!!!!

Japanese Cartoon -Crowd Participation

Some says its Lupe, some say its some Brit named Percival Fats. I could careless this is music I would create too.

crowd participation

Michael Eric Dyson takes someone to school... Again.

Damn homie.

Tonite at Nectar! Qualified Beat Battle w/ Exile

This is what ya'll get to witness.

See ya there!


For the record... I hate WSHH like a cheap smutty whore.

March 13, 2009

Joe Budden-In my Sleep

I hate worldstrhiphop.com

Time to Make A Movie


Curly puts Ricky's Baby Momma on BLAST. lol.

Lauren London Basically Ruins My Dreams

She's talking about interracial dating. She says she has no problem with it but then she goes out of her way to say she's a big proponent of "Black Love" which basically means I've got no shot. lol.

Oh yeah something about don't ask her for a picture. That seems kinda... over the top. :/. You don't wanna take pictures with people? lol and Don't call her New New. I woulda slapped myself if I did that shit. lol.

Banana Cream Pie: HorseDick.Mpeg (No animal homo)

PLEASE say the dot MPEG. lol.

Miss March. Movie of the year. I love when people make fun of rappers and pull it off.

Just in case you didn't understand the severity of the situation.

"horsedick.mpeg rulez the muthafuckin world. when my last cd dropped, muthafuckers got killed! KILLEEDD!!!"

Check his myspace: www.myspace.com/horsedickmpeg for a sample of the classic hits "Suck my dick while I fuck that ass" & "I'ma fuck a white girl". Don't worry kids, there's a radio friendly version too. "I'ma love a white girl."

With a BARELY safe for work music video.

Cymarshall feat. Elzhi and Masia One - Bullet Train

Bullet Train

Check the joints. Cymarshall has been dropping alot of stuff lately, and we alredy know how your man Elzhi does it. Shout to the Dirty D!!!


Spaceman & Brainstorm - Illness PROMO prod. Jack the Ripper

Fucking dope ass collab, shouts to Jack the Ripper on the beat and the vid. HOT SHIT TO BE HAD YA'LL.

Banana Creme Pie: How to smoke Smarties

This kids a future weedhead..he's a G tho.

thru the nose...


And yes I'm black but I'll call a spade a spade when I see one!!!!! $1K for the all black LV kicks!!!!!! NIggga PLEASE

March 12, 2009

Bishop TV

We find out that Dj Whoo Kidd (Mike's fav yellin' Dj), robs 50 daily...  And Banks is definately a weed-head.

XV-Going Endless

XV is MicPhenom's lil bro in real life... I guess the apples never falls to far from the tree. Dude is nice and he pretty fucking funny too... give him a listen and try to find his youtube stuff... funny as hell... "Use the force Luke!!!! Use the FUCKING force!!!!!"

Check it out here


March 11, 2009

Diddy is killing Twitter

Please read and then follow Diddy... and if you don't know what TWITTER is google search then follow me....

iamdiddy: ok diddy’s twiddies the fast is officially on lets go!!!

iamdiddy: no food no licka

killa1: no cookies and apple juice?

iamdiddy: no cheeseburga no pipsi no cheeps!!!

iamdiddy: just natural juices!!!

iamdiddy: mmmm natural juices!!!

jimmyfallon: @iamdiddy does that include flop sweat? giggle!

iamdiddy: @jimmyfallon hell yeah jimmy fallon lets go!!! i’d drink that flop sweat all day except it tastes like failure! and ciroc obama does not do failure! except when i rap! and THIS IS BIGGER THAN RAP!!!


benstiller: @iamdiddy you can do it dunn shout me a holla! *gets back in Saab from Reality Bites and bumps Public Enemy*

imdiddy: @benstiller yeah man im on my white people shit!!! lets go!!!

iamdiddy: @joaquinphoenix im sayin though dog!!! when this is over we’ll be like identical twins! ciroc obama and joaquin biden! we’ll be svelte and bearded and possibly borderl

iamdiddy: @joaquinphoenix ine schizophrenic sorry went over 140


joaquinphoenix: wha

joaquinphoenix: t

joaquinphoenix: how work thist hing

jimjonescapo: wtf is a natural juices no homo

jimjonescapo: @iamdiddy you aint no ciroc obama you colon powell 32 homo!

killa1: @jimjonescapo that’s grand theft slango doggie. hold on, new verse! “my lingo lango longo/metal lungies bingo bongo/i save my hot sauce for the tiny waists and big gazongos”

iamdiddy: @killa1 i need that uptown swag in my life dog! here’s a check lemme have that!!!

ghostofsheeklouch: @killa1Don’t doooo iiiiiit Cam *haunts Amalgam Digital office*

iamdiddy: I’m feeling a little weak here Twiddies! all good though bc imma look like cassie when this is over!!

cassieventura: @iamdiddy oh hell no *faints*

iamdiddy: @cassieventura whoops shit kim coming hold on *leaves* *smashes Sienna Miller*


iamdiddy: this one for you big lets go!!!!

iamdiddy: i wish you was still here you’d be smallie smalls at the end of this lmao!!!

iamdiddy: ZOMG that was hilarious someone get MTV on the phone i got a new show to be simultaneously self-aggrandizing and falsely humble on

markcurry: @iamdiddy i’ll help you slim down sheisty motherfucker

markcurry: @iamdiddy try spending nine years on the shelf you’ll get slim too

iamdiddy: @markcurry that reminds me–gimme your work number so i can tell UPS to garnish your checks

iamdiddy: @markcurry i still get 71% of everything you make lets go!!!

iamdiddy: @markcurry oh and i’ll have your kids back next week

markcurry: fuck you you tofu ass ni**a


markcurry: @imahotrapper man stfu *gets back in UPS truck, drives off*

iamdiddy: damn people these natural juices are running through me

iamdiddy: lets go!!! to the bathroom!!!

iamdiddy: and somebody call my dentist too all this juice is turning my already tiny little chiclet teeth into blueberry nubbins

iamdiddy: at this rate i’ll barely be able to gnaw through the souls of the innocent lets go!!!

elliottwilson: @iamdiddy when you’re done come by the rapradar mansion and help me figure out what these computers are for. ha!

qoolquest: @iamdiddy don’t worry man i am totally going to tweet about this at least 3,00 times. I’m telling you, not only will it be in complete sentences, it will be charmingly self-deprecating and constitute about 7% of my daily Twitter output. *puts finishing touches on dissertation*

qoolquest: Don’t worry everyone, they gave up on that character limit for me long ago. I’m the Leo Tolstoy of this game! *completes third novel*

iamdiddy: i’m back yall!! i just left a bad boy behind, so don’t go in there for 35, 45 minutes!!! i love getting fit!!!

killa1: I used to get fit in Ohio!

jayelectronica: @iamdiddy u can do it man lemme give you some words of encouragement: “fiber-optic sundown bleep-blop characteristics/chiarascuro through the borough, one-two, math linguistics”

jayelectronica: yeaaaahhhh awesome right? this fasting gives me the clarity to compose that mariana trench headnod 2.0 ish

baduizm: @jayelectronica deep baby i luv u


baduizm: @imahotrapper wait what?


iamdiddy: I know I’m not! Fuck a fast let’s go!!! LAST TRAIN TO PARIS COMING AS SOON AS I CAN STOP SHI**ING Y’ALL!!!!

LOL get on Twitter now!!!!!

Banana Creme Pie: The FUCKING OG of beverages right here..

I say I love you..and I laugh..

KID CUdi- SuperBoo

Yup... well done sir.

March 10, 2009

The-Dream & Christina Millian - Amazing (Remix)

She was my old crush... but she didn't give me no flip... so fuck her... Naw I'm joking... I wouldn't mind though... fucking and all.

Keri Hilson- Make Love

I love this girl... ummm..mm...hmmmmmm

Culture VI interview w/ Joell Ortiz

He talks about a few different things, like the new joint with Colin Munroe! Check!

Just in at Blackbird

So if you aren't familiar with Blackbird than you must know that you aren't REALLLLYY up on game if you think you can dress. Hidden in Ballard, most Seattle-ites would be caught of guard at how DOPE this place actually is..I suggest you make a visit kids..

Check the Fresh:

Manik x SubPop!

YUP. Seattle's SubPop Records, home of the groups Flight of the Conchords and the hometown heroes Fleet Foxes, are collabing with Manik for a dope ass spring line of Tee's and Decks. Of course it's available at Goods on the Hill!

You might catch me on Alki in a month or so rocking some of this..EXQUISITE.

Fa sho.