November 25, 2009

50 speaks on selling 160k his 1st week. Interesting listen.

Uncle Snoop Says "Don't flag and not from Cali." Also speaks on why the West Coast fell off

In the very beginning of the video Dj Green Lantern almost slipped up and said Lil Wayne when talkin' 'bout the Gangbanging and not from Cali.

Wayback Wednesday: Merry Xmas.

I won't spoil it for you..


Wayback Wednesday: Johnny Hates Jazz - I Don't Wanna Be A Hero

Quintessential 80's Jam. Alot more relevant today though.

Wayback Wednesday: Ice Cube - Wrong Nigga

Grand Dragon Finger Lickin.

And you can New Jack Swiiiing from my nuts!

Wayback Wednesday: Fatboy Slim - Praise You

One of the best videos of all time. Of ALL TIIMEE!!!

November 24, 2009

Sade to Release Soldier of Love Feb. 8th

<img src="http://1.bp.blogspot.com/_5OsW8J-YcL8/SZ1TCSKghFI/AAAAAAAAAxc/sYD8fMrWsf4/s320/Sade+-+The+Best+Of+Sade+-+frente.JPG">

It's official! It's been far too long without that sweet serenade by Say-dee, Shaw-day, Say'D, however you wanna pronounce it. Her music is delightfully enigmatic and fucking wondrous and she makes my Soul light up!

This is going to be a MUST HAVE.
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Free 99: Snoop Dogg - I Wanna Rock (Dj Whoo Kid & Dj Skee)

Signing Shoes: Derrick Rose Bops on Greg Oden, with ease.

November 23, 2009

Banana Creme Pie: iBANG!


Okay...PLAYER: 21MC Pharaoh Poncho

I still haven't got mine yet, although I have certainly been meaning to. This particular one is sold out for right now. Bask in the mean time...

Whatup Maroon Colony! visit 21 Maroons to get the scoop on what they have coming up next.

M.J. has been sending me some emails about some pretty exciting things. I'll keep it secret for now.

Hollywood Divorce: Up In The Air

George Clooney's always been one of my favs (minus the batman era). This movie looks like your general funny fun time. I think you'll like it too.


November 16, 2009

Fresh Fit: I Used to Love Her Hip-Hop T-Shirt

You can get it riiiight, here

Banana Creme Pie: Autotune Takeover Makeover

I'm really happy for youuuuuuoooohhhhhh.

November 14, 2009

HOw the Obama Hate-Gene got started

New Music: Snoop Dogg - I Wanna Rock

It's a banger in my book.


November 13, 2009

Disrespectful B***h! : Former Miss Cali walks out on Larry King

Beef: Beanie Sigel Ft. 50 Cent - I Go Off

So, who's right in this situation? Jay-Z, or Beanie? And Jay can't be to big to ignore Beans AND 50... Can he? And how long has 50 had this planned? I wanna know how much of this 50 provoked in this situation. But you hafta admire 50's way to self promote.

Signing Shoes: Dwayne Wade SMAAAASHES Varejao


November 12, 2009

Jermaine Dupri for Nu Pop

Some pretty nasty watches!

NEW K-Os LP on iTunes soon!



Four Tet - Love Cry(Joy Orbison Remix)


Clipse - Doorman

Clipse - Doorman Music Video - Til The Casket Drops Dec 8 from Malice of the Clipse on Vimeo.

Crackin new video from Malice and Pusha T.

November 09, 2009


And no I'm not talking about the singer. Lately, you have noticed there have been little to no bomb drops. Well the truth is there have been a few Power Summit's and there has been a cease-fire temporarily set into place. We are currently negotiating terms with new countries(blog hosts) and will soon be advancing(moving) from Blogger to a new home. The blogger format has been acting up quite a lot lately anyway, and I personally have grown tired of having to deal with it. It makes it that much harder to post something interesting and cool with having to deal with format issues on the pictures, or tagging issues for the labels. Or worse the whole thing just not saving and erasing. I promise you that although we have lost MUUCHHH steam that we will NEVER be gone forever.

On the underworking of things Drop-Bomb is acutally very much alive, but because so much background work has been going down, you have seen a lack of acutal blog postings, and of course, that ever so neccesary site update we have been promising you for quite a while now. I promise you its coming. We of course would LOVE your feedback with that too. If you know of any places that offer some dope premium hosting, and also any web designers or architects out there that would like to join in the mission for a new Drop-Bomb.com please feel free to email is at DropBombBlog@gmail.com We are also working on purchasing "http://www.dropbomb.com" thats right now hyphen. Except for the DJ. Anyway, that's my time for now, I'm gonna post a few things to day to keep it fresh of course, and I'll see ya'll on the other side!!!

Seasons Greetings.
=ToP ! FLiTE=

November 05, 2009

Singing Shoes: Brandon Jennings Pt2... NBA Version.

I told yall about this kid.. He's bawlin' right now, lol.

Sufjan Stevens gives up on 50 State Album Project

VIA the Pitchfork:

It has now been more than four years since Sufjan Stevens released Illinois, the second album in his proposed 50 States project. Sufjan had claimed that he was going to release an album in honor of every one of our United States. But at this rate, unless he picked up the pace drastically, he wasn't likely to ever finish the project, unless he lived to be about 200.

In a recent interview with Paste, Stevens admits that the entire ambitious concept was "such a joke."

Stevens told Paste, "The whole premise was such a joke, and I think maybe I took it too seriously. I started to feel like I was becoming a cliché of myself."

In that same interview, Stevens talks about how his focus turned toward his recent multimedia project The BQE, which consumed his attention after Illinois: "In all honesty, [The BQE] is what really sabotaged my creative momentum. It wasn't Illinois so much. I suffered sort of an existential creative crisis after that piece. I no longer knew what a song was and how to write an album. It overextended me in a way that I couldn't find my way back to the song."

Elsewhere in the interview, Stevens expresses what sounds like a total lack of interest in the album as an art form: "I'm wondering, why do people make albums anymore when we just download? Why are songs like three or four minutes, and why are records 40 minutes long? They're based on the record, vinyl, the CD, and these forms are antiquated now. So can't an album be eternity, or can't it be five minutes? ... I no longer really have faith in the album anymore. I no longer have faith in the song."

Looks like it might be a while before we hear any albums from Sufjan Stevens, let alone any albums in the 50 States project.
Posted by Tom Breihan on November 5, 2009 at 11:30 a.m.

If you haven't heard Greetings from Michigan or Illinois yet, GET RIIIITTEEE.