November 09, 2009


And no I'm not talking about the singer. Lately, you have noticed there have been little to no bomb drops. Well the truth is there have been a few Power Summit's and there has been a cease-fire temporarily set into place. We are currently negotiating terms with new countries(blog hosts) and will soon be advancing(moving) from Blogger to a new home. The blogger format has been acting up quite a lot lately anyway, and I personally have grown tired of having to deal with it. It makes it that much harder to post something interesting and cool with having to deal with format issues on the pictures, or tagging issues for the labels. Or worse the whole thing just not saving and erasing. I promise you that although we have lost MUUCHHH steam that we will NEVER be gone forever.

On the underworking of things Drop-Bomb is acutally very much alive, but because so much background work has been going down, you have seen a lack of acutal blog postings, and of course, that ever so neccesary site update we have been promising you for quite a while now. I promise you its coming. We of course would LOVE your feedback with that too. If you know of any places that offer some dope premium hosting, and also any web designers or architects out there that would like to join in the mission for a new Drop-Bomb.com please feel free to email is at DropBombBlog@gmail.com We are also working on purchasing "http://www.dropbomb.com" thats right now hyphen. Except for the DJ. Anyway, that's my time for now, I'm gonna post a few things to day to keep it fresh of course, and I'll see ya'll on the other side!!!

Seasons Greetings.
=ToP ! FLiTE=

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