May 31, 2009


Em got teabagged by Bruno... I'm be back to update this ASAP but heres the pic I got from my girl TheFLYgirl via twitter...


Man they are killing these links left and right... I'm not sure if he was in on it but if he was, thats poor marketing.

oh yeah Fuck WSHH

Hollywood Divorce - Precious: Based On The Novel "Push" by Sapphire

This film is getting rave reviews coming out of Sundance. Read about it last year, glad it's finally coming to light. A gripping story as well as superb performances.
If you watch the trailer, you might recognize the case worker (0:38seconds in). Yep...that's Mariah Carey. Below is a longer clip of that scene which gives you a a closer look at the tragic triumph that is Precious.

Soulful Sundaes - Major Lazer - Hold the Line feat. Mr. Lexx and Santigold

This video is a speed demon, and I was an extra in the desert scene. I was the third mummy. Now can someone make a real video game outta this shit? Cuz I wanna play this today. NOW!

Is it just me or did Santogold just CHANGE her name to Santigold cuz that's all i've been seeing lately.

*Update*She legally had to because some funky ass jeweler named Santo Gold who was going to sue her. It makes sense anyway because he legal name is Santi.

Soulful Sundaes: Gnarls Barkley - Mystery Man

The joints the joints. Another one by Walter Robot.

Oklahoma Police vs. EMT

Can this please be tabbed under Banana Creme Pie?

Uncanny Vision: Mustang Drift: Japan!

Fuckin Illin. I'ma keep up wit these installments for sure.

Soulful Sundaes: Issac Hayes x Faith Evans x Charles Hamilton

I love it when a great track has kids!
Issac Hayes' "Make A Little Love To Me"
begat Faith Evan's "I Love You"
begat Charles Hamilton "Hopelessly Devoted"(don't worry it's a beat he doesn't "open mouth insert dick")<--cause for pause?
Anyway, this is a solid set
Happy Sundae

Make A Little Love To Me - Isaac Hayes

I Love You - Faith Evans

Hopelessly Devoted.mp3 - Charles Hamilton

Soulful Sundaes: Yeah Yeah Yeahs - Heads Will Roll

Karen O. stays On her Godess Business

Soulful Sundaes: Passion Pit - The Reeling

I heard they tore it down at Sasquatch.
Another beautiful day in Seattle.
Must be Sunday

Soulful Sundaes: Death Cab For Cutie - Grapevine Fires

Before we get into this, I gotta say that Death Cab is by far the dopest band out. I need to start incorporating more of their music into the blog, as I feel we've been focusing a bit too much on hip-hop. Death Cab IS Seattle!!!

Now when I FIRST heard this song a month ago...it brought so many emotions to mind. It is a VERY VERY powerful song and has such a deeper meaning than the lyrics themselves. Enlightened symphonies indeed. Undeniably amazing. And I must say that as much as I loved the song, when I saw this video it almost made me cry. If it really IS based on a true story....MAN..Hearts go out is all I have to say. ENJOY.


Walter Robot created the masterpiece video for the song, and if you haven't seen any of his other work, I'll be glad to make this weeks Soulful Sundae Robot-HEAVY! Stay tuned kids..and of course..

Welcome to Soulful Sundaes.

May 29, 2009

Banana Creme Pie: It's a Sneaker Thing

Footlocker's new marketing scheme. I'm down!

Jeremih -Birthday sex

Birthday Sex

I'm not into rumor starting but don't that look like H.E.Rfection in the video... maybe I'm wishful thinking but that's what it looks like to me.... this song is killing too.

Hollywood Divorce - Dead Snow

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA I knew someone was going to do it eventually. Its been talked about for FAR too long now. First Call of Duty threw em in..and FINALLY a movie so BAD it's GOTTA be good! ALL about Nazi Zombies.


Mic kills this fucker....


Futura x Livestrong x Nike Dunks High

Man I really like these. Once I saw Livestrong; I knew that it was going to have that Black and Yellow and Grey colorway. I'm not sure how much they retail for, but I'd love to find them some where any where, read more...


May 28, 2009

Uncanny Vision: Jake One -Home BTS: Extend Version

Like I promised... Drop-Bomb EXCLUSIVE

Jake One Behind The Scene: Extend version from wes goodlife on Vimeo.

He likes our bombs....

Big-ups to Jeane (who might be spam) for being our one and only Follower... keep watching us drop bombs home skillet.

Woolrich x Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Collection

Ok if you ever been to Seattle or lived in Seattle, can't you see some hip looking dude walking in Nemuos wearing these with matching shirt and skinny jeans... not to hate on skinny jeans... I just hate bitch-made thin skinny jeans.

Banana Creme Pie - Get Your Mouth Away (From My Dick)

He's pouring his heart out
Heed his call

BTS: Kinda Like A Big Deal video shoot

Clipse X Kanye X Kinda Like A Big Deal

I tried to fall back from posting this, but once the video drops, this just might be THE biggest song of the summer..look out.

May 27, 2009

Wayback Wednesday: Tom Petty - You Don't Know How It Feels(Roll Another Joint)

per request


i see you Wamp Wamp

Wayback Wednesday: Third Eye Blind - Jumper

Third eye blind


Uncanny Vision: Kanye West -Paranoid

This is by far my favorite video off of Ye's album.... so far all the videos have been pretty trashjuice... but this one is cool. RiRi is looking mighty tasty in the vid too. I like how Ye is playing the backdrop in the vid. I wonder how he pushed his ego to the side for that one?

Kanye West
808 & Heartbreak
DIR: ???

Songs For Bloggers Covers

I was on my twitter last night (I told you it was going to blow) when GMK hit me up with a twitpic. I'm excited to see how this works out for GMK... I have been hearing his remix of "Boom Boom Pow" on the radio alot lately... get'm Brillz!!!!

Songs For Bloggers

WayBack Wednesday: Hi-Five - She's Playing Hard To Get


Wayback Wednesday: Michael Jackson and Eddie Murphy - Whazzupwitchu



....cuz they'll come get you.

Soulful Sundaes: Jake One - Home feat. Vitamin D, C-Note, Maineak B, Ish

Dopeness. Welcome to the town.



I shot and edited this lil bit of fiction... but the dope thing about me blogging here... is that I'm going to show you'll the uncut BTS that never made it to the scene... which was a lil better in my opinion.

Wes Goodlife

Wayback Wednesday: Michael Jackson and Eddie Murphy on Arsenio Hall

HAHA NO COMMENT...guess what's next tho..


Wayback Wednesday: Arsenio Hall interviews Vanilla Ice about MC Hammer.

HAHAHA Hilarious on some once upon a time shit...and we actually lived through this.

Black Star t-shirt

Fuck Star Trek... its all about Black Star!!!!

I remember people picking on me when I spent my hard earned money flipping burgers and waiting the drive thru to purchase their 1st album... and I have been waiting for them to put it back together ever since, but untill that happens... you can grab this bad boy over at Karmaloop


Real Chance of love 2 on... Chelsea Lately

I was a big fan of the last show... I still think they need to stop actting brand new and come out the closet already... Real Chance of love, with men will be season 3, best believe.

Look at Chelsea's face around the 0:24sec marker lol...


May 26, 2009

Banana Creme Pie: Team Facelift

Eat your face out, I mean eat your heart out, I meant it your face off, I mean gimme face!

Uncanny Vision: New Jack Hustle -Lionel

"Lionel" - New Jack Hustle (Shawn Jackson & Newman) from Isaac Lane on Vimeo.

All I have to say is... DaMNIT wHy didn't I tHINK of THat????

New Jack Hustle featuring Ohmega Watts
Sound Check
Filmed by Nate Goodman
Edited by Isaac Lane

Went to Tee Shirt Blog this morning...

And as much as this shirt scares me, it compels me..GIVE IT UP!

Beastie Boys on Jimmy Fallon

I gotta start watching this show more often.

The Beastie Boys' new album, Hot Sauce Committee, is slated for release this year in September.

May 25, 2009

Pitbull is no play-gangsta...

Just like a true professional...  He's keeps the show rollin'.

Uncanny Vision: Chin Chin - Go There With You

WOW is all I can say about this video. These cats are all over the place..that sound is undeniable!!!

Chin Chin - "Go There With You" from Okayplayer on Vimeo.

Banana Creme Pie: I Should Tell Ya Mama On You

Haha all jokes aside Red is super ill with it. someone sign him alredy!

DIVA DIVA Ya'll! Double Play Monday

So it's Memorial Day, and I havent been posting NO episodes so here's the 2 latest ones. Episode 11 features the lovely Janelle Monae and MadCon, and Episode 12 features Asher Roth and Concep.

Diva Diva Ya'll - 11

Diva Diva Ya'll - 12

Colin Munroe/Joell Ortiz LIVE IN NYC.

Can't get enough of these boys, so I gotta show love. Shouts to Culture VI for the drops!

Uncanny Vision: Rob Roy - Fur In My Cap

Yo I been wanting to post this but it has been everywhere, and I didn't wanna look like a dick rider... buttttttt this shit is pure fire. His LP is pretty dope too. If you can find that download like hit me up...

Rob Roy
Fur In My Cap
King Warrior Magician Lover
Dir. Ethan Lader

King Warrior Magician Lover

May 24, 2009

Soulful Sundaes: Colin Munroe - Piano Lessons(feat. Joell Ortiz)

If you don't have Colin's Mixtape yet, you need that NOW!!!!! I'm gonna post a link to it on here in just a few. This is the opening track on the mixtape, and man does it speak to you. I'm still upset I missed Colin's performance when he was here with Wale at the beginning of this month. I'm actually working on getting him back out here soon. Gimme time..i'm on it! Whatup Andrew Kennedy!!!!! And as always, Joell Ortiz is a beeaassttt on the track. Two very slept on individuals that deserve much more spotlight than they have received thus far.

Oh Yah.

Soulful Sundaes: Beyonce - Ego

Now I asked her not to put this song out, because I don't like to divulge the information about the bulge to females before we get it in, because I want them to like me for ME. But apparently she couldn't help herself.

All her new songs have been dope, but I feel like I'm watching the same video over and over and over and over..but I'm NEVER trippin..wit her fine ass. That's why my ego so big, get em B.


Soulful Sundaes: Little Dragon - After The Rain(Trackademics Remix)

And we emerge back onto the scene with BANGERS for your weekend pleasure.

Your favorite band that you didn't know was your favorite band mixed by your favorite dj you didn't know was your favorite dj. This song is fucking BONKERS. IF THIS ISN'T THE WAY TO START A BEAUTIFUL SUNDAY AFTERNOON I DONT KNOW WTF TO DO. PLEASE BY ALL MEANS GET ON THE SHIP.

Welcome back to Soulful Sundaes

Who is GMK? Mini-Documentary by Wes Goodlife

So everyone wants to know..just who is the man behind all this dope ass music we've been hearing lately. If you missed his show with Wale and Colin Munroe, and you haven't yet heard about Songs for Bloggers than keep your eyes on The Bomb cuz we'll have THE exclusives from GMK! In the mean time here's a lil bit of background!

GMK -Songs for Bloggers: Mini Documentary from wes goodlife on Vimeo.

Whatup Wes Goodlife!

Soulful Sundaes: Grizzly Bear - Two Weeks Video

Art can often equal creepy
beautiful music for a Sunday

May 22, 2009

Damnit Chuck The Hedgehog, gets snuff'd

lol eFail

MVPuppets... The Unstoppable!!!

I can't stand Kobe, or better yet the Lakers.  I also can't stand how the NBA/ ESPN/ Nike/ Vitamin Water/ Everyone who's not a Magic / Nugget fan wants so bad to have Kobe and Lebron in the Finals.  (I fit in that Nugget minority). But, I love these MVPuppet commercials.

Signing Shoes (Playoff Edition) - Chauncey Billups shows his playground skill.

Who says AND1 is dead?  Chauncey passes the ball to himself via Kobe's back, lol.

Highlights from the rest of the game.

And, I'd be wrong if I didn't have those highlights from the Magic / Cavs game.

May 21, 2009

Ayo Technology: Quattro!

You just gotta watch..

EMBED-This Toilet Is Awesome - Watch more free videos

For some odd reason though..I feel like that's STILL not standing up to one of Jay Smart's SUPERSHITS. I'm sorry.

Spotted at The Hipster Holy Grail.

This looks interesting - Kill the Record Labels


Jay-Z Supposedly buys out Def Jam contract

I guess people are tryin' to get away from Def Jam and Interscope these days...  RedMan expressin' he's ready to leave Def Jam for Shady, Russel Simmons suing Def Jam, and now Jay buying out his contract.  What the hell are they doin' over there at the "Hip Hop" Label?  Oh, that's right, pushing 808's N HeartBreak over Theater of The Mind.

As Roc Nation, Jay-Z's new home under the Live Nation umbrella, takes shape, the hip-hop superstar has reportedly bought back the last remaining record on his Island Def Jam deal for what some say is a whopping $5 million, raising a number of intriguing questions. How does the album figure into the plans of Roc Nation's brain trust, which also includes the A&R-savvy Jay Brown and Tata, as well as Jay-Z's business manager John Menielly? How will it be marketed and distributed? Will Roc Nation employ a traditional distribution channel or take the LP direct to retail? (Hits Daily Double)
Russel, Twitterin' about Def Jam..

May 19, 2009

Stranger than Fiction: Dr. Dre's Rug

So the Stranger has inspired me. I'm gonna start going to the SLOG forums and just finding obscure Seattle shit. We got some crazies and they deserve to have their voice heard too! So here we are. Dr. Dre's Rug is apparently in Greenlake. So now that this gem has surfaced I guess it's safe to say we can LOOK OUT FOR DETOX!!


Ayo Technology: imeem on the iPhone and G1

Just got word on the email and it's official. Imeem which, in my humble opinion, is the best internet media player/radio out there is now mobile. Here's some more detail:

From the imeem team,
Enjoy some of the great features of imeem Mobile, including:
* Artist Radio: Search for your favorite bands and create custom artist stations that play music from those artists and others like them
* MyMusic: Upload your personal music library to imeem.com and stream that music through your mobile device
* Buy MP3 downloads: Purchase MP3 downloads with one click
* Featured Stations & Music Recommendations: Get music recommendations based on your personal listening habits and those of the imeem community
* Integration with imeem.com: imeem Mobile seamlessly integrates with features on imeem.com. The music you listen to on the go will influence the recommendations you receive on imeem.com, and vice versa
For more information about imeem Mobile, go to www.imeem.com/mobile or join the imeem Mobile group at www.imeem.com/imeemmobile.
Thanks and enjoy the music!


Nike Livestrong Pack Releases

The pack just dropped this weekend. You can grab the shoes over at GOODS and I'm sure they have the outerwear as well.

Peace to the homie Sir Lance Armstrong!!!!

Goods Eastside Now Open!!!

Congrats Fellas.

Catch em over in Bellevue.


Marc Jacobs Footwear

New Shit. True Shit.

DJ Drama feat. Nas, Scarface, and Marsha Ambrosius - Yacht Music

I haven't had a chance to listen to this yet, but you can't go wrong with that lineup. Someone tell me what's good on it once you hear it.

Yacht Music


May 18, 2009


Just caught whiff of this over on the The SLOG vis BBC. Apparently this 12 year old kid was getting it in...read on

Boy aged 12 did not father baby

Alfie Patten, the boy who was reported to have conceived a child when he was 12 years old, is not the baby's father, DNA tests have shown.

Alfie, now 13, from Eastbourne, in East Sussex, told a national newspaper in February that he believed he had made his 15-year-old girlfriend pregnant.

But the tests have established another boy from Eastbourne, who is 15, as the father of Chantelle Stedman's baby.

The results of the DNA tests have been made public following a judge's ruling.

The judgement also reveals that Alfie was "extremely distressed" about the results of the test.

Pictures of Alfie, holding the baby he believed to be his newborn daughter, caused a furore when they were published in the Sun in February and renewed calls for better sex education in Britain.

Politicians were moved to speak out about the case.

Tory leader David Cameron said he found the sight of "children having children" extremely worrying.

And Children's Secretary Ed Balls said it was an "awful" and "unusual" case. "


Grey Lounge presents Throwback Saturdays

And THIS is why I love Seattle sometimes. Stuff like this just pops up outta no where in places you've never even heard of. Our city is so "SCENE" it's like either you know the haps or you don't!!! Have fun and I'll see ya'll on saturday FOR SURE THIS TIME CUZ I GOT A CAR AND DAMMIT ITS TIME TO GET IT IN!!!! FUCK!

Okay holla tho.

Okay...PLAYER!: Malcolm Mclaren x Supreme

As you all may or may not know, Malcolm is actually my cousin. So if you haven't picked up Duck Rock yet..go get that on your immediacy tip. He's teaming up with Supreme here soon and dropping a line right in time for my ass to get fly for summer.

Thanks cuz! Family BIDNESS.