August 31, 2008

HeR Favorite: Boxing Kitten

I've been slackin a little lately.. So today I'm serving up 2nds.

This stuff is ridiculous. Their site is apparently under construction, but I got the credit card ready when it's available.

H&M Fall '08 Preview

Not a huge fan personally, but now that we have one.. Thought some might be interested.

Fashion Failures..

Who did worse this week?

I'm taking Ashanti over Solange.

Mojo Laboratories x Hellz Bellz/Crooks & Castles

A Hellz FLASHDRIVE? I don't see why not. Kinda genius actually.

..Drop-Bomb flashdrives to come??

HeR Favorite: UNIF

The latest from Ur Not In Fashion..

Love the jumpers & crop tops.

They got somethin for the fellas too.

Diddy Blog: "McCain is Bugging the Fuck Out"

lol. Diddy calls McCain out on his Gimmick VP pick. My words not his. Gimmick. His words = Bugging the fuck out.

uh huh her - Not A love Song (video)

The REAL Katrina facts and story from someone who was there

Now, throughout this post. I will show what the national news showed for maybe 30 seconds, to let you know exactly how much worse Katrina was in the places it hit, other than a flood in New Orleans. Unfortunately, I couldn't find the before and after video. But our owner Mike Check has been to Mississippi's coast and he can tell you how nice it was.

1st off let me get this fact out the way. Because alot of people are mis-guided. And I want to make this clear...


Now, that I have that out of the way, let me deluge off into more facts, that the news didn't show you. A brief history lesson. Mississippi has two cities on the coastal line called Biloxi and Gulfport. These two cities stretch of casinos, hotels, and shops along the beach made it look like a small Atlanic City NJ, or a small Miami strip. It truly was nice. Yes I know alot of you think we don't have electricity in Mississippi or phone lines, but we do, and these two cities visually shitted on alot of these big major cities visually. Anyway. That was before Katrina, after Katrina it was absolutely destroyed. Every nice casino, every nice hotel, every nice mansion, even the mall were pounded to shit after Katrina. While the city of New Orleans got all the national attention, the real damage was NOT in New FUCKIN ORLEANS! 80% of that city was flooded, but ironically the tourist sites other than the super-down stayed completely dry. As yall saw on the news, New Orleans' bridges were still in tact. Not the case in my state.

Another brief history lesson. New Orleans is made like a bowl, with levees surrounding the bowl. Now 80% of this bowl was full, you may be thinking, the top of the city had to be the 20%. No.. The famous Bourbon Street and the French Quarters are only acouple of blocks away from the Super Dome.. That's part of that 20% that wasn't flooded. That part wasn't touched. Kinda makes you wonder, how the middle part of the bowl stayed dry. I'm pretty sure you've all had a bowl of cereal before, and it all went to the bottom and filled up. Not the case in N.O., it somehow was dry in the middle. (Makes you question the gov't doesn't it?)

Anyway. The tides that Katrina created were massive and almost flooded Gulfport and Biloxi completely. A particular casino "The Grand Casino" were literally boats that sat on the water. They were 3 or 4 stories high, and about 1 1/2 or 2 football Fields long.

Katrina pushed one of the boats into the highway, the other into the mall's parking lot. Sounds alot more devastating that alot of rain, which is what everybody got. Also, people from here to about 2 hours north of the coastal line in Mississippi, part of Louisiana and Alabama had no power. Mainly Mississippi. While New Orleans residents got help from everybody it seemed, and got bus rides to Houston. Thousands of people down in Mississippi are without power, without gas, without homes, and all the got was a lousy Bush speech about "this will become an even greater coast." Mississippi was over-looked so bad by the Bush administration, that even the republicans in office in the state were pissed at him. At LEAST New Orleans people were able to get rides out. While my people were stuck, with casinos blocking highways, and nobody comin' to help but our own. New Orleans got national help. Mississippi got their power turned back on by Mississippi power. New Orleans residents got alotta money and food stamp cards from Fema. All we got were food stamp cards and insurance companies that re-nigged on their word. In a nut-shell. We only got a FRACTION of the good things New Orleans got, and got EVERYTHING and then some of the worse part. My point of this being when Gustav REALLY hits Louisina head on, you will see the real difference between the two (even though Gustav is abit stronger.) The media totally ignored Mississippi. Kanye West was wrong, George Bush doesn't care about people thats not in his tax bracket. Not just black people! ( Its a whole different theory going into the New Orleans people gettin' shipped away deal. But that's a different discussion. It also ties into why the French Quarters remained dry.)

I'm Just filling in holes that the media failed to cover, because it's their fault they kept the average US citizen not in the Katrina area ignorant to the facts. Katrina was MUCH worse than a big ass flood in New Orleans like the media wants you to believe. The state of MS lost 90mil dollars in tax dollars.

They build navy ships off the coast of Biloxi, and there's an army base about 30 minutes north of the city, so save your "Mississippi isn't important as New Orleans" bullshit. So yea, I get heated whenever its brought up or when I think about it. The media, and for people who live / lived in New Orleans that only believe its about them. And I basically saw this in 3rd person because at the time I was in Baton Rouge, LA goin' to schoo' while Katrina was goin' out. So I got to keep up with the news while I couldn't keep up with my parents and friends that were back in Mississippi. Yes, they fucked over people in New Orleans. But my state were fucked over by the government and stomped in the ground by mother nature. Luckily, Gustav has gotten alil' weaker over-night, but you'll still see what a hurricane really does. I'm outta Baton Rouge, so good luck, God bless, n be safe to all yall that's in harms way.

T.I. - Try Before You Buy

I apologize for Mike posting that bullshit below. Don't watch it. It ain't worth it to risk it. lol. Here's TI's album. Go buy it if you like it.



Money got this for raping little kids. HE DESERVED EVERY LASHING.


Soulful Sundaes: Raphael Saadiq - Love That Girl

The album drops on September 16th!!! Raphael Saadiq has always been one of my favorites. Not only has he given us great music for almost the last 2 decades but he has also inspired many artists that we love. Kelis, Andre 3000, Pharrell..just to name a few, ya know. You definitely need to cop. He has a new song out now too called Staying in Love. Pretty spiffy.


Soulful Sundaes: Solange - God Given Name

I almost want to put this song on Autoplay and just let it bang whenever ya'll go to the page. Solange opens up with a statement. "I AM ME. JUST MY GOD GIVEN NAME." Not only is the vibe on this song DUMB funky, but what she is saying is MAD SERIOUS. This is the opening song to her album, Sol-Angel and the Hadley St. Dreams. Solange is finally out of the box. The world's not ready..but they better be. I ALWAYS thought she was more beautiful than her older sibling, not to take away from "B", but I'm just saying, it was only inevitable she would break out. She is seriously rhyming some HEAT on here..the part where it breaks down..MMMMM. I need to remix this NOW. I'm lovin it! Back to the music though!

Solange - God Given Name - Solange

Lemme Find the Lyrics..

Get me Get me out of this box
I feel so claustrophobic in here
Leave your labels leave with no patience
Hear my voice and fill with your ears
I'm no soul girl equipped with no afro.
I'm just my god given name.

I'm not becoming expectation
I'm not her and never will be
Two girls gone in different direction
Striving towards the same galaxy
Let my star light shine on its own
No I'm no sister.
I'm just my god given name

And I'm sorry if this planet that I'm living on is quizzical.
My lyrical ambition some times dont ring a bell
I'm sorry if my visual don't lie to put my feelings
And my physical exhibit doesn't represent me well
I'm sorry if I'm curious, delirious and I don't take life serious

I'm here at the life of a million debts.
And I'm sorry if I'm talking shit.
But I really do mean well

We gotta long long moon to glow
Hadley's the long road to travel
I gotta dream to keep my eye open (2x)

We got so long to go
We got so far to go
Hadley's the long road
Hadley's the long road
God given name

Thank you Solange..and WELCOME..


Teairra Marie in KING MAG

Top 5 for me, as long as she doesn't sing. haha. Sad that Riahnna blew up instead of her though. I kinda liked parts of the first album.

August 30, 2008



Free Fresh Jive T-Shirt Giveaways. It's about to be on and crackin. Do You. I'ma damn sure do me.

See ya there boppers!

Hometown Heroes: Jake One - The Truth ft Freeway, Brother Ali

Seattle's own Jake One get's Brother Ali and Freeway on the same track. Murder.

Download: Jake One - The Truth

Check out his myspace.

Kanye at Virgin Festival.

Everyone is talking about how he is saying vote Obama. Which is obvious and fantastic. But amongst that no one noticed he threw subliminals at these fake ass artists out here.
(*COUGH COUGH --RICK ROSS!--COUGH COUGH*). Towards the end he's like "I'm the realest mothaf*cka that you've seen thus far". Hrrmm.......Clever YEEZY..clever.



NikePLUS Human Race 10k!

Race the WORLD!

for details hit Nikeplus.Nike.com

It's for a great cause too.

Get Fit. Stay True.

Statik Selektah W/Cassidy, Saigon & Termanology - Take It To The Top

Excellent track for all three emcees.

3 Years Later

Katrina hit New Orleans, LA on August 28th 2005. As of August 30th, 2008 Hurricane Gustav is heading that way, although at the time is slated to hit more to the left. I know a lot of work has been done to get the city back to normal, but it can't be near complete after just 3 years. Unfortunately Bushy Boy is still in office. Let's watch them fuck this one up too. We're hoping for the best.

Ocho Cinco

Chad Johnson has LEGALLY changed his last name to Ocho Cinco. Now he can wear his nickname on his jersey without penalty. This dude is nuts.

Decibel Festival September 25-28

It's about to CRACK. If you like electronica(i.e., Telepopmusik, Flying Lotus, Black Ghosts, Blue Sky Black Death, Justice, The list goes on..) you're gonna love this Festival. It's about to go down!!


August 29, 2008

BBC Ice Cream is Hittin LIIIICCKKSS Rite now.

Lifestyles of..

The Young and Banging!!!! This is a must read!

Get ur presale HERE!

=ToP ! FLiTE=

We Sold Out NEW LAYOUT!!

One of my favorite websites to shop. We Sold Out Has been acquired by Colette, they have a fresh new layout now, and it's hella dope. Some sick ass cuts on there too. Go listen to the Boombox!


Schultz Drops Sonics Lawsuit

Last April, Schultz sued to regain ownership, contending Bennett failed to carry through on a promise to negotiate in good faith for a new arena in Seattle for one full year. Schultz had hoped to undo the sale so he could initiate a transfer of the team to a buyer who would keep it in Seattle.

"Seattle’s best chance for a professional basketball franchise is to end this litigation and allow the city, state Legislature and other parties to begin the necessary fence mending with the NBA.”


Barack Obama DNC Acceptance Speech

Yes We Can

Air Heads: Air Jordan True Flight

Now I know what you're thinking because I thought the same thing at first. "God damn. Not another fusion bullshit." But once I read the description I was very pleased.

Anyone who knows Jordan's knows that #1) Retros aren't usually made with the toughest materials meant for hardcore ballin'. In other words, just because you get a pair of LeBron's from Finishline, doesn't mean you and James are rocking the same shoe. His are made of stronger materials. (Every Brand does this obviously) #2) While MJ was the man of his time. His time was a long time ago and the technology of today outdoes his shoes easily.

So Jordan Brand came up with the idea of a new kind of fusion. Take the classic style of some the favorite Jordan's and Fuse it with newer better basketball technology.

The Air Jordan True Flight will take off January 17th for $140.

The only question now is whether these will actually perform good on the court.

More pictures available at NiceKicks.

The Best Rapper Alive - Vibe Magazine

I remember when this was going on at first and then I forgot about it. It's the finals week and it's down to Jay-Z vs Eminem.

Which is a respectable final. But let's look at the process it took to get here.

Final 4 / Elite 8:

Jay-Z > Kanye West
Eminem > Nas
Ludacris > Lil Wayne
The Game > Andre 3000

You can make an argument for all of these. Except THE GAME over Andre 3000. smh. That's all I can do. Everyone is sippin the Game juice right now. His album is getting amazing reviews everywhere I turn from normally level headed people. I think I need to listen to it again. Maybe it's just The Drop-Bomb Crew that thinks the shit sucks. Except for Fresh. He probably loves it. lol.

Ya'll Not Even Ready!

What? You thought we just blog? shiiit.


If you're LUCKY, we might drop some hints along the way.

but for now, I'm gonna leave you with this:

Any Man, Woman or Dog that sits behind his blog all day, either criticizing or judging other people for their work and is not doing something to change the status quo themselves... is a BITCH.

and I am NOT a bitch.

RE-Upped the picture, thought it was worth a bump anyway.

Kanye Meets Obama

Up on his blog he has a few more pictures with Biden, and Michelle.

More Rocawear Evolution Pics

P.S. Dame Lost

Murs - Administration Movie Trailer

When you buy the deluxe edition I think, the cd comes with a short 30 minute film he made about him running for president. Looks hilarious. He's been on his short film tip for a minute. I remember his Walk Like A Man movie based off the song. Great song, Terrible movie. lol. But shit. Can't blame a dude for trying. Still my favorite MC right now. This looks much better quality and well worth watching.


The Death of Adam (Video #3)

Keith Olbermann of MSNBC gives East Coast Avengers some wise advice.

Now, if you're not familiar with Keith Olbermann, he's the equivalent to Faux's New's Bill O'Reilly.  Not sayin' he's the same type of person, but what I meant was that the company loves him alot, and he gets his own opinionated show.  Ahem, anyway, he always has a part of his show that comes on called "Worst Person In the World" (Very interesting, and funny facts,) and its usually three cases where someone is at fault and he'll explain and take each case from worse, to worser, then worst.  And in this particular clip, he doesn't bad-talk ECA, he just gives 'em alil' advice.

Oh, and if you can guess how many times Bill O'Reilly's been featured as the worst person in the world, then I'll buy you a cookie and ship it to you.  You'll never get it right, lol.

I really do recommend you YouTube Keith Olbermann, he does and says alot of interesting things on his show.

August 28, 2008

Young Berg VS Trick Trick

Trick Trick talkin' 'bout respect mainly. *NOTE* About 18 minutes in this interview it's a song on there that is Hilarious!  But the whole song doesn't play, just the beginning.

Apparently This is Young Berg's dark... I mean Dark... I can't tell it's his Twin brother..  But I'll take his word for it.  And he's upset about Young Berg's chain.  I know how strong the GD's are..  (My hometown has hundreds of 'em.)  But.  Detroit ain't a soft city.  N I  HIGHLY doubt you could just walk in there and just get at Trick Trick.  That's like walkin into New Orleans tryin' to get at B.G., or Oakland tryin to go get E-40.  Those are big gutter cities who don't believe in gangs, and my understandin' is they don't play that gang-bangin' shit.  Anyway, here's the vid of Young Berg's bro.

Politics As Usual - Ted Kennedy, Hillary Clinton, Bill Clinton, Michelle Obama, and Joe Biden Warming It Up For Barack

Time to get for real young people, our future and kids' future depends on how this election turns out. Just incase you missed these speeches, I've posted them for you. The Obama acceptance speech will be up soon.

Air Heads : Vans Vault LX Chukka/ Authentic

Bison...interesting name for brown. I
digress. These are fresh. I mean, look at the leather, with the plaid guts. Outrageous. These and the Authentics below are available at Vans Vault retailer near you.

Via the Beast

Sample Of The Week : Barry White - Mellow Mood Part 1

Writer:Barry White "Mellow Mood Pt 1" - Barry white

Biter:North Star (Jewels) - Raekwon

Had This, well, these songs stuck in my head about a week or so. I love to love these joints. ODB threw down on those background vocals

Grynch - 2dopeboyz Freestyle

Grynch got featured on their site as "2dope to sleep on" and they decided to hook up for a little exclusive joint. Swiper no Swiper'd from Shake. DJ Slimm on the mix.

The Grynch - 2Dobeboyz Freestyle

Seattle 1, Your City 0.

Grynch will be featured @ Bumbershoot Aug 30 2008 2:15P on the Fisher Green Stage.

Hometown Heroes: LoveFury & Khingz - Summer Feelin

Another track on the SoleCollector Mixtape I'm workin on. The homie from Introspective Beats submitted this banger featuring LoveFury and Khingz. Seattle Whudddup?!!

LoveFury & Khingz - Summer Feelin


(P.S. Drop-Bomb New Slogan: Drop-Bomb.Com Till the city blows up! [Mike is a clever fellow] and also [new logo coming soon, as soon as Steve gets off his ass. lol])

T.I. - What Up! (Unofficial Video)

Shouts to Seattle Seahawks Saftey DEON GRANT in the start of the video!

Rumorville: Infared AM90's coming

Rumors are buzzing around that you can look for these BEASTS in the middle of next month.

That's all. Stay tuned. For now though. Get 'em HERE for $200-$225.