February 28, 2009


Smizzy those taka hayashi's were the shoes i was telling you about. also, someone change the size of the images! i cant do it at work.

Vans Vault x Taka Hayashi

Check for these in a month or two.

My pediatrician was Dr. Takahashi. I've always wanted to make something with that name. But Taka Hayashi has done something with a name close enough for now. His collabs with Vans are Siiiiiiccckkkk!!!!!

Vans Del Barco

So Vans is dropping its Del Barco summer line soon. These essentially SHIT on kanye's upcoming lo-tops. Don't expect to pay that hefty fee either. Vans always does the thang RIIIITE.

Holla at hypebeast for the other colorways HERE.

Moving Jail in the UK??

Man..shit's gettin wild. It's gonna start being like Demolition Man out here.

That sick ass GO-hawk Wesley Snipes had is next on Kanye's "cuts" list. I heard he's even dropping a photo album strictly dedicated to his BAMMER ass hairstyles! He's calling it a Mixflickr.


Mobile jail units could be used in high crime areas to detain and charge suspects, the Conservatives say. Police could be back on the streets more quickly if they did not return to stations to process arrests, according to a policy paper from the Tories. The policy paper, for England and Wales, also proposes scrapping some forms which officers have to fill in. "We need to take the handcuffs off the police and put them on the criminals," said Tory spokesman David Ruffley. Mr Ruffley, shadow minister for police reform, said: "The public want the police back on the beat and that is where the police also want to be."

The specially-designed "mobile urban gaols" - or "MUGs" - would be deployed in areas afflicted by knife crime and anti-social behaviour. Suspects could be fingerprinted, swabbed for DNA and even charged, with the authorisation of a police sergeant via video-link. BBC home affairs correspondent Danny Shaw commented: "The key policing debate is no longer about how many police officers are needed but finding ways to get them to spend longer on front-line duties." The units would provide "a more visible police presence for the public", says the policy paper, entitled "Back on the Beat". They would be deployed also at sporting events and shopping centres with high levels of shoplifting. The Tories also propose scrapping forms that must be filled in for some "straightforward police operations". "Twelve years of Labour red tape and bureaucracy have wasted police time, keeping them away from front-line crime-fighting," said Mr Ruffley.

Daaaaaammmnn.. Like that?

February 27, 2009

Freeway X Jake One = Stimulus Package for your ears

Real Directors Stand up...

My man Rik Cordero drops gem on the DIY approach and artist integrity of filming… my new hero… even if I don’t dig all his videos…

Last night I was at Billy the Fridge’s Fantasy Freak show… it was wild… pics and videos to come soon.

TiRon - 3 Drink Minimum

"3 Drink Minimum" from Eric Thompson on Vimeo.

If you're not familiar with TiRon ... KETCHUP

February 26, 2009

Pimpin' Curly Pt 4: Meet Uncle Pinky

=!= loves Pinky NUCCA!

New Gordon Gartrell Radio. Episode 12

The Domestic Violence Edition

In the wake of the Chris Brown/Rhianna scandal, Phonte explains how domestic violence happens in the home and what women and men can do to prevent it.

oh lawd


on the SNEAK tip.

sneaking onto a computer at work to blog

Fuck the man, im back bitches!

The World Startin' To Show 50 Cent Love Again

The man's been on ESPN twice, and it looks like he may get an invite to come back.

Hi Haters: This is how they feel about Easter at the White House

Jamie Foxx ft T-pain- blame it

Ron Howard???? Jake Gyllenhaal??? Forrest Whitaker???? Sam Jackson... Ok I can see Same Jackson but Ron Howard!!!!!! lol thats some Hollywood shit for you!!!!

Christian Rich....

Try to jump on the bandwagon 1st so you can look cool in the eyes of your peers. This is Christian Rich, their "The Decadence EP" is scheduled for release in March, till then peep the trailer, and play the single "Stacks"... now someone pass me a drink.

Stacks - Christian Rich

I'm Nick Fury Muthafu*k@!!!!!

Way to go Sam Jackson, according to The Hollywood Reporter, Samuel L. Jackson has inked an unprecedented nine-picture deal with Marvel Studios to portray Nick Fury... Muthafu*k@!!!!!!!!!

Dyme Def x TITS - T-shirt

Cop the new t-shirt at the T.I.T.S. website or at EQPT in Southcenter (Tukwila). Do yourself a favor and save 10% with coupon code DYMEDEF if you decide to shop online.

February 25, 2009

Hell's Kitchen Benefit Show

Hell's Kitchen
3829 6th Ave
Tacoma, WA 98406
$4 You call its

Officer Ricky Cartoon Part 4 - Officer Ricky busted TI with the guns

Common Hates Lil Wayne... But He'll do a Cop


Billy the Fridge's Million Dollar Fantasy Freak Show

King Cobra:
916 E Pike St - Seattle, WA
Feb 26, ‘09

I muthf**ka donut eating contest and dancing women... A fat kid’s paradise!!!

Thomas Doyle... The Reprisal

This is very dope stuff. I was looking over his site and was think this stuff is amazing. Real high concept stuff. Not sure where to buy them but I would guess they won't be cheap.

And this is what love is...

Don't where what every one else is wearing...Buy'm here

February 24, 2009

Speedy the Artist- Get'em

Man is doing one a week no lie... week 8 right here. Speedy the Artist.

Check out his site.

Wizdom feat Spaceman & Brainstorm- Fly as we is

My man Wizdom was rocking it hard live from Chop Suey on Friday the 13th. "Fly as We is" off the soon to be released Wizdom "Bring it Back" EP. He's in talks to shoot a video for this jump off track, with Guess-who-oh-it's-me to direct. I hope this works out... till then enjoy.

Double up... Its Mardi Gras time!!!!!!!!

Looking for some place to get drunk and make some mistakes this Mardi Gras years? Well look no further Wes did a lil bit of home work and came up with this “mess” list right here.

for a good time but not to much....
Can Can's party, Mardi Gras Carnival Celebration, will begin at 7:00 pm

for a lil more... um sexy time....
The Seattle Erotic Ball is also tonight at Trinity featuring burlesque and other unique freakyness; 8:00 pm

To get down and dirty, maybe fight a muthfuk@ or two...
Earl's on the Ave

or any local dorm or dive bar... more spots to come... and remember be safe. "It's never bad to double bag..."

February 23, 2009

I woke up in love this morning...

And it wasn't cause I woke looking into my wife's eyes...

Supra 09' Spring collection

But for the record, I do love my lil' Coco...

February 22, 2009

Nate Robinson on David Letterman

Short Film Contest

My great friend H Darrow over at Crooked Lake Productions is holding a short film contest. I forgot to post the news up here when he was taking submissions, but now he's got a bunch of "One Shot" stories to go through and wants people to decide his next film.

So got to http://crookedlp.com/news and vote on your favorite idea.

My vote goes to:

10. Not Enough

This is a story about a guy at a party having fun, interacting with his friends, while still feeling alone.

The shot starts behind the main character outside walking to the party then when he walks in the camera rotates and leads him to friends as he interacts with them. During these conversations with friends we learn about the character but never the reason behind everything being not enough.

K-os -4321

If you don't know who K-Os is then you need to google and step your music diversity up. I got my "advanced copy" of the new album... I like his last one better but its still pretty fresh.

I wanted to do a vid like this. Its using stop motion, but I don't have the patience to edit, shoot, and direct all that.

February 21, 2009

The Naked Tee

Every one know I got a thing for cute asian chick (hey wifey) but on the real... I needs these. You can get them here...

That Hip people are listen to...

Happy Saturday, I'm about to go out and sin like I had a coupon for it... but I found these and thought you'd like to hear.

Kid Cudi feat Wale- Look up in the Star

Walking On The Moon - The Dream Ft Kanye West

Flight School - T-Pain & Kanye West

February 20, 2009

Pimpin' Curly Pt 3: Bitch you Ain't Warm yet?!

The Fray- Heartless cover

Every one is bugging out over this song… I mean I like Ye (ok I’m a real stan just got my membership card and secret hand shake yesterday) but I think it’s a lil wack… *shrugs shoulders* you judge…

Heartless cover

Black Jesus on thug'n for the Lawd

In today’s time we got pop princes fuck’n up princess, the US dollar almost getting beat by the peso, and a Kanye’s afro-mullet. I think we all could use some Jesus in our life (or some grape soda and a lil head in my case). So here is black Jesus… he’s not like the one my momma had in her living room over the dinner table… you know the one with dreads and the African robe. No, this is “Black” Jesus aka Hood Jesus. I love Boondockbootlegs check them out.

ps: and if you think this is wrong and you might go to hell for watching and laughing at this, you might be right. I thought the same thing... that's why I pray after every "real-time" LOL... be safe people Heaven is a mile away.

Kid Cudi- Day and Night

Kid Cudi
Day & Night
Dir: So Me

This is a dope video… I guessing it was shot with a Sony Professional HVR-Z1U (I’m a canon man myself) with a nice 35mm adaptor thrown on it. The thing I like most about this video is that it was simple, cheap, and easy to shoot. The after effect which gave the video more of a thrill is what really makes this video stand out… looks like yung Cudi is trying to be like big brother Ye. I guess they are gearing up to present him to the world… next up to bat is Drake or Jimmy whatever you wanna call him it’s all the same in my hood.

February 19, 2009

Rihanna's Face God Bodied

Damn, son. Damn.

I had no idea it was THAT bad... No more swollen forehead jokes, cuz that shit is actually swole.

Signing Shoes - Mo Williams is gonna get sued by this man's ankles.

Cheeeeapp Kicks

Zebra Club's gotta DEAL right now..

30% off new sneakers and 50% off sale sneakers when you donate an old pair of kicks!

The sun's startin to show.. Your kicks are dirty. You need new shoes anyway.

Through March 19th. Go get RITE.

"Ive been smokin' since I was TWO!" - clip of 2yr old smoking

Singing Shoes: Brown vs West

I'm gonna agree with Hyphen. Where's the foul on that play? Damn good block.

February 18, 2009

Joell Ortiz - Block Royal (video)

We don't even know what a club line look like! lmao. Love that shit. Two Tone Plus 73!

Atmosphere - You

This video was shot in Seattle/Tacoma. Directed by Christian Hansen (Same guy who did the "Missing" video for Grayskul)

Griffey Is BACK

Griffey is BACK

That's right. Fuck ATL. lol.

Shout to Steveizzle who text me.

Hollywood Divorce: Inglorious Basterds Trailer

Just when you thought you were tired of WWII, enters Quentin Tarantino.

This is why Fif targeted Khaled's Mom

C'mon, the kids?

A Fresh BreakDown - Joe Budden : Padded Room

"They say the room is padded for my own safety..  But the cushion don't soften shit.. They lock the door but still they let my thoughts in it.. I can't even see the sky from here, I guess my time is near.."

Joe Budden...  Infamous in the underground (internet) for his lyrics and deep thought songs, and his Mood Music series.  Although underground listeners appriciate his efforts, it doesn't cloud the fact he's had some rough rough times since his 1st album dropped on Def Jam years ago.  Bad moves on both sides held "Mouse" back.  He was hungry, and everyone else was hungry to hear Joey go to the next level with his next CD.  A few wasted opportunities kept a classic-capable-artist from making a classic CD.  So now with a new label, years of GROWTH (lmao), did he waste any opportunity, or did he capitalize on his absence and give his fans what they've been wanting.

Joe busts on the CD, reintroducing himself to the world, with a hot beat, and hammering in the idea of "only God can judge me."  He dwindles in his past alil' bit, and speaks on how he's grown since back then and now.  Not the beastly intro we've known Joe to make, but it certainly gets the job done. 

Now one thing that plagued Joey's CDs (album, and mixtapes), he's felt the need to do an uptempo song for the club.  But listening to Joe after "Pump It Up", realistic fans know that club music is sorta out-of-his-lane.  But here, in a new friendship song with The Game, Joey actually pulls off a pretty decent song.  And it doesn't seemed forced into the CD, since it's only the 2nd track in, and it doesn't lack charisma like in other club songs he's put out.  But, prepare yourself, because that is the low point of Padded Room.

"Waiting on an antidote but I lack the patience, but on a 2nd thought I got my own vaccination"

Joe Budden starts to take the listener into the theme of him being in a padded room with "If I Gotta Go."  Where he begins to question how people other than himself works, and shows us how he looks at things through his eyes.  And he invites people to look at things his way. "I wish everybody would comprehend like I do, I know it don't sound like I want 'em in..  But I'd like to."  And the sample, a deep eerie deep voiced hook, with the help of a guitar in the back ground, the listener should know that they truly are in Joe's Padded Room.

The album also shows how Joe paints himself as a black sheep in society.  Songs like "Happy Holidays," displays this perfectly.  Where re-enforces the fact that he looks at a holiday as just another day.  And how his family annoys him.  "Don't need a phone call or a present, matter fact, I don't need any of yall present."  Damn even Christmas Joe?  Speaking of "Christ"mas, (now this will only be deep to people that are Christians, I apologize to any other religions reading).  In "Pray For Me", the listener gets to hear Joe get into an argument with God himself.  And in the song, he's like most people, questioning God's methods, and in his argument with God, the listener finds the black marks on Joe's life.  Which makes it much more authentic, and makes it seem as if its an actual quarral.   Another quarral he discusses is that one with Prodigy of Mobb Deep, where he absolutely flexes that lyrical muscle and puts Prodigy's "Blood On A Wall."  Lol.

Another avenue in the album is this song, where Joe speaks on the dark-side of Joe, who he loves and hates.  On the songs "Exxxes" Joey embodies a girl as his bad personality whom is always calling his name.  A lust for a her who knows all about Joe but they've never spoke, but he can't help himself into always getting into sexual encounters with him.  It seems that this girl is the perfect sex slave,  since he claims "her period is never on" and when she's giving demands he follows.  Which maybe his deep morbid desires.  "Is she just a symbol, there for me to look at everything I resemble...  Since I'm in this room alone she becomes convientient.  I hope we lie together, cry together-- die together." He disscusses more women in his song "I Couldn't Help It" with the help of a beat that reminds me a of a tragic love song.  1st he speaks about his baby's mother and the many ways he did her wrong and he never wanted just wanted the abortion.  And if you remember the 1st CD you'll recall Joey having an affair with some famous rapper's wife.  (Someone who he claims sold millions of records, and no it ain't Jay-Z).  He really only scratched the surface on his 1st CD, but here, he gets in detail with her and....  Her friend, in a hotel room.  "All I could think bout was him and her on TV with their kids while I had her on the TV on her ribs."  Crazy right, yeah I know!  Now you get the idea of the Padded Room.  A Perfect album for the non-mainsteam cat, or Joe Budden fan to add to their collection.

"I Ain't As Crazy As I Seem To Be, It's Just That Nothing Is The Way That It Seems To Me."

Album Ratin:


Worth Buyin' - Absolutely.  Feb 24th.
Fav Tracks'    - 14 Tracks of nice lovely morbid shit.

B.o.B- Generation Lost

Generation Lost
dir:James Lopez (should have been Wes Goodlife, but I understand)

Man I really like this dude... and his visual games is tough. I just hate to type his name.

Do I have to say any more????

See the rest here...

I don't like home girl like that, but I'd see any celebrity naked... with that said, I didn't want to post all the pics here, so I'll send you to my mentor and spiritual guidance figure Kanye for the rest of the pic...