April 30, 2009

Soulful Sundaes: Maxwell - Pretty Wings

He released the first single off the new album and a video to go with it on Tuesday. After 8 years, ELEGANCE IS BACK in music. Thank you Maxwell. BLACKsummer'snight is coming this summer. Stay tuned!

The New Odd Couple

I fucks with the VH1 show "I Love Money 2" Hard as Fuck!!!!! (no pause), and If you watch the show then you would know about my dude It... Dude is too funny... and then there's my dude Tailor Made... who ain't trying to fall back for nothing. I hope this is a promo to get them their own show cause I'd tune my happy ass into Vh1 and watch it... no shit...

I don't know man it got, 40 calories, 40 oz

Okay...PLAYER: How to Tie a Bow-Tie

Complex shows us how to git-r-dun. If you don't think you'll ever need a bowtie you need to wake up. Some occasions just call for it.

Salaam bitches.

A Fresh Mixtape - Lloyd Banks "Happy Birthday Vol. 4"

Happy Birthday Mr. Bank$.  I'm sure he's high somewhere, but he gives us a two disc mixtape.  That's great, cuz his mixtapes are usually short as hell.

CD 1

CD 2

Maddness -Dust Devil

After I saw this video, I was like damn... I know that girl. I'm not saying the girl in the video, but I know that type of girl. The one that gets crazy shit faced... she's kinda cute but not cute enough to be acting like what she acting like. Pushes every one away from her by the end of the night... just to be fucked up and sad and so fucking happy when one of her friends comes to her rescue, and yes she will throw up in your car...

Dust Devil
The Liberty of Norton Folgate
Dir. Adam Smith


This morning I was checking over at HipHopdx and who do I see??? Muthfucking DYME DEF... please check it out and support!!!! Seatown is coming up!!!

"One were to map out the correlation of artists and the subsequent success they brought their regions, three corners of the nation would be well-represented for their contributions to Hip Hop music. One corner, the Pacific Northwest to be exact, would likely look non-existent in comparison, but that is drastically changing. Overlooked and under the radar, the Seattle-Portland-Vancouver, BC triangle has been home to an ever-expanding class of hungry rappers ready for the spotlight, with one group by the name of Dyme Def accelerating to the forefront of this movement."

Read the Rest Here

JackieO will beast your penis....

I was over at my Girl's blog Necolebitchie (I don't like gossip blogs, but I fucks with her) and saw this story on JackieO...

After a few minutes of that, she turned in doggy style position. I was thinking I was about to get it in. Then she was like “now eat from behind”. I did it, but immediately she was like “No, the other hole”. I felt like I lost my manhood that night. She was so bossy.

Read the Rest Here...

This story was made funny and makes me ask this question... Have you ever been bitched up in the bed?

Please comment or hit me up on the Twitter...

April 29, 2009

Madden 2010 Sizzler Trailer

Unfortunately... I'm already pickin' apart what I don't like.  But, this is the rough draft, so... Hopefully I'll get my wish.....  QB's with a good release and a true deep ball.... *sigh*

Wayback Wednesday - Holy Shit! Canibus disses LL Cool J, 2nd Round Knockout!!

Remember this =!= Lol?  

Soulful Sundaes: Thee Trip - Cloud Nice

WHATUP TAY!!! Homie dropped in wit an email to me earlier this week and I had to get ya'll up on whats up!

Thee Trip.mp3 - Cloud Nice

This is about the be the cut alll summer! Fux wit Cloud Nice, Hella Dope, Thee Satisfaction, and the rest of the click. Tay Sean is an animal on the production side of things, and I honestly feel like if Seattle ever needs to have a specific sound, this is what we need to be leaning towards. Enjoy boppers!!!!


Wayback Wednesday: My Favorite Game - The Cardigans

I remember when this was on Gran Turismo back in middle school. Fresh you remember that?!???!?!? That was the game...

Baskin Robbins 31 cent Scoop Night! From 5-10pm today


Wayback Wednesday: Roxanne on a Roll - The Real Roxanne

I know everyone remembers the Roxanne wars in the 80's. I liked this Roxanne way better. In fact, I may just post my favorite video from her later. This one is just Gnarly though so I had to post it first!!!


May 1st - Partier @ The War Room w/ DJ Scene

Man, May is gonna be a crackin month, just like April!!!!



This is gonna be a crackin ass nite! Starting May 3rd. fourcolorzack is always in full effect on the boards. I'm super excited for this. Summer is about the be ON.


Sunday Night Sound Session 204 4/26/09

For those that missed it.

Whatup HYPHEN!

"Another fun night in the SNSS studio as we were joined not only by Seattle legends Jake One and DV One, but by one half of the super production crew Tha Bizness, the big homey Dow Jones. We chopped it up about all the success him and Henny have had over the past few years, what it’s like working with Lil’ Wayne and Drake on their new albums, what they respect in other producers, and much more.
Oh…and we also played some great music from artists like Royce The 5′9″, Brother Ali, U-N-I, Devin The Dude, Elzhi, the Clipse, Blu, Kanye West, and more, but you already know. Peep another world premiere from Tanya Morgan too, as we rocked their joint, “On Our Way.” I think the Pep Love track may also be a premiere…shout to Omid and Otayo for sending that through. Lastly, we aired a snippet of our interview with Chester French, which I’ll be posting up in full on the blog soon. Stay tuned."
-DJ Hyphen


Show #204 (4-26-09)
Royce The 5’9” – “Brooklyn We Go Hard Freestyle (Slaughter)”
Reef The Lost Cauze ft. Brother Ali – “Big Deal (Remix)”
KRS-One & Buckshot – “Robot”
Torae & Marco Polo – “But Wait”
Stepbrothers (Evidence & Alchemist) – “It’s Coming Down”
Wale ft. Lady Gaga – “Chillin’”
U-N-I – “The Grudge”
Mike Jones ft. Devin The Dude – “Give Me A Call”
Elzhi – “Deep”
Dyme Def ft. Saigon – “Pick Up Ya Flow” (Local Artist)
Asher Roth ft. Busta Rhymes & New Kingdom – “Lion’s Roar”
Chester French – “She Loves Everybody”
Trackademicks ft. MoxMore – “Topsidin’”
Pep Love ft. Otayo Dubb & LB – “No Doubt”
Grynch – “A Dream Undeferred” (Local Artist)
Drake – “Best I Ever Had”
Lil’ Wayne ft. Young Money – “Every Girl”
Toni Hill – “Rose” (Local Artist)
Tanya Morgan – “On Our Way” (WORLD PREMIERE)
Clipse ft. Kanye West – “Kinda Like A Big Deal”
Blu & Exile – “Love Line”

Fa sho.

Wayback Wednesday: 25 Lighters - Fat Pat and Lil Keke


Uncanny Vision: Wayyyyyyy Back Edition

Total - Kissing You -

Who didn't love this song??? I wanted to make out to this song sooooo bad, but around the time this song came out... I was not at my SEXY AT ALL Please enjoy... WAYYYYYYY BACK SON!!!!!!

Events for 04/29/09 - Wale, Collie Budz, Colin Munroe, Pep Love, DJ Scene, GMK and more!!!

Shouts to Reign City for keeping us awake on all the different things going on around the city on the daily, weekly, monthly, yearly, bicentennly!

Shouts to GMK and also Blogs is Watching! Both of which are extended fam-bam. I'll see ya'll in the building tomorrow nite!

I'm really upset that I couldn't make it out to this show tonite, I didn't get to catch him out here last time he came either. If you aren't into Wale, or Colin Munroe, or GMK(all of which you'd be crazy to not dig) you should definitely go scope Collie Budz. Pep Love is big bizz too and money can rhymes for days. Is like that ya'l, Hieroglyphics yeah.

The classic!!!! Boss Up and get to 2080's on a Wednesday night, it's totally awesome(No Mikey Day)!

More shows to come, keep posted boppers!

April 28, 2009

Okay...PLAYER: Diamond Supply Co. Mystery Box!

It happens once a year! I better get some hot shit. I just copped my box for a cool hunnid. OH BOY! Summertime FINE. I DUZ IT. Go get yours from the Diamond Shop before they're gone. TRUST.


Doom - Microwave Mayonaisse


Hot or Not?


I'm gonna say no.....

Follow your local Tweets with WikiMetro.org

So this little website allows you to follow all updates from twitter within your local area. I checked Seattle and we're not really big on there yet..but obviously that's why I'm posting this. Get on it TWATS!


Uncanny Vision: Kanye West - Robocop(Dosenko V-Mix)

(SD) Kanye West - Robocop (1988 import version) from Myk Dawg on Vimeo.

Freaked this from Carl Winslow vs. Science! Man...

Mykola Dosenko is a graphic artist. He created this video. It's 100% Original...plain and simple, this video is MEGADOPE.

Soulful Sundaes: Chrisette Michele - Epiphany ALBUM

Not saying that I have absolutely no love for my big girls, but your body is a temple, and you should treat it as so. With that said, Chrisette is looking SUPER SUPREME these days, she's subtracted a few sizes from her bodily equation and still kept those pretty eyes. Wit a SMOKIN voice to boot.

Imeem has released the album for a few days before it actually comes out in stores. Take a listen, I promise you'll enjoy! May 5th is the official release date. Pick it up, good music conquers ERRRYYYYYTING.


Chrisette Michele - "Epiphany"

Uncanny Vision: 3sixteen 2009 fall photoshoot

3sixteen Fall 2009 Photoshoot from 3sixteen on Vimeo.

The frame is hard, the color correction is mean.... This was a well put together video... it makes me think of moving art or an ad brought to life. good job 3sixteen... I might not buy your gear, but I'll fuck with you videos.

April 27, 2009

=!= H2 Teaser Trailer =!=

Rob Zombie treats us his version of the sequal to Halloween, starring our boy Mike.  The remake of the 1st one was great by the way, (if you haven't checked that out).

Uncanny Vision: Madonna -What it feels like for a gi

I fucking hate Madonna but her ex-hubby (Guy Ritchie) finally grew a pair and moved on from this chick and got back to directing good movies again... fucking peep Rock n' Rolla but it's all love. This video is edgy as shit. I remember when it got banned back in the day on MTV (back when they actually showed music video).

What it feels like for a girl
dir: Guy Ritchie

April 26, 2009

May 16th @ Evo - Massive Monkees 10 Year Anniversary Battle


Ham N' Cheese vs. PBNJ - WHO DA BEST!?!?!??


So I've been wondering this for the last like 2 weeks. What's everyone's favorite snack sandwich!!! for those that don't eat that NASTY ass swine(like myself) replace the Ham with Turkey or like roast beef or something. A timeless struggle between two slices of bread.....who is the winner!?!?!?!??

Leave your votes on a comment below and let Drop-Bomb know what the best sandwich is!

Uncanny Vision: Kanye West -Amazing

Amazing from kwest on Vimeo.

Hype does it again teaming up with Ye to bring a different take on being Amazing... it kinda reminds me of the DVD Planet Earth. I can always crack a smile when I see a hip hop video with no video girls in them... I love chicks and all but damn where is the creativity...

Kanye West
Dir: Hype Williams

April 24, 2009

Deeper than Snacks! lol.

g-g-g no. lol.

It's About THAT time...

Every year the game gets better and worse at the same time. They'll fix one bug and then another one pops up. Still a must cop.

Sidebar: NFL draft tomorrow. Any predictions / Thoughts? I'm thinkin seahawks take OT Jason Smith or LB Curry. I think the talk about QB Sanchez is just bluffing to get teams to try and trade up. Hasselback can make it another few years. Walter might be good for another one or two but it'd be nice to get both positions taken care of while we're high up in this draft this year cuz next year we gonna be last cuz we winnin all that shit. But lucky for Fresh the Raiders have good draft position every year. hahaha.

April 23, 2009

Em to Angie "It's gonna be a Relapse 2 at the end of the year"

Dyme Def - Pick Up Ya Flow

Wes is sittin on some footage for a behind the scenes look at the video shoot. We'll get it eventually. I didn't want to be the first to offer the mp3 up for download, so if you don't have it yet, now you can. Shouts to Hypen for world premiering it first on SNSS. Thanks to nahright and YSL for not making me feel guilty about putting a dl link up. The Dyme Def PANIC EP is coming. Release party on the 25th at the crocodile. Make sure you buy tickets and the album. As of yesterday tickets are moving fast, but theres still a few available.


This would be good for the feature on the side too.

Eminem - 3 AM

Long anticipated. Shouts to all the haters who cried when his first single sucked. Change your mind yet?

Air Heads: Nike Air Rejuven8 Summer Release!


Oh man...these are NASTY that colorway on the right side..I got about 4 or 5 different tops that GO DOWWNNNNN wit those.


Ayo Technology: Leica D-Lux 4 Camera Review

Complex Magazine reviews a new model from Leica. Crazysexycool.


Gallery 1988

There is a crazy ill art gallery in LA and San Francisco called Gallery 1988. I happened upon them this morning browsing through the interwebs. Gnarly shit is happening there and I had to put ya'll up on it!!! So some of their most recent work is a tribute to the Beastie Boys shown below..


There were a few other pieces along with this one that were a part of the tribute. Tonite their wrapping up the month long tribute and 20 year anniversary of Saved by the Bell. Mr. Belding is hosting!!!! hahahaha Bayside in this bitch. Valley has some nasty, SLEEZY beezies! Gave one of my boys the bad stuff...HORRID.

Check out Gallery 1988's site. >>>

But before you dip see some more work from the 88 Crew!

Fuck Valley.

Emerald City @ STIFF - No HOMO

STIFF - Emerald City

Emerald City by Crooked Lake Productions is finally coming back home. After making its tour around festivals across the US and I think even a few overseas, it will be showing 3 times in JUNE at Seattles TRUE Independant Film Festival. Screening times are below.

9:30 PM Fri, Jun 05
9:30 PM Mon, Jun 08
1:30 PM Wed, Jun 10

Gonna add a feature on the side to remind ya'll mafuckas so I don't gotta drop a bomb on your head! Big Ups Darrow. Congrats.

Soulful Sundaes: Moray McLaren - We Got Time

And YEEZY gets my rite one more time! This song is dope, and I should know..I secretly wrote this entire project, recorded it myself, AND directed the last half of the video..couldn't do the first half due to Scheduling Conflicts. Yeah..I just changed the spelling of my last name and the first name...wellll after listening to The Dream's cd all morning I was trippin and thought this song need more "AY!" So they added it to the name to appease me. And there you have it. Enjoy my masterpiece!!!

For the W.

Eminem releasing 3AM tomorrow. Tribute to Proof.

It is said that the new song Eminem recently announced is going to be his long-awaited tribute to his closest friend, the late, great DeShaun Dupree Holton, better known as Proof. He is said to be talking about the passing of Big Proof as well as his long standing drug addiction that he just recently kicked. I'm eager to hear this one..I dug Proof and he deserves the proper Goodbye joint!! Plus everyone's saying Marshall is "BACK."

We'll see tomorrow!!!

Air Heads: Nike Air Trainer 1 Microstripe

And Just when I thought Nike had fallen off, they throw a knife at my head and try to slice my ass up. These cut my eyes when I saw em the first time...hella slick.

Air Heads: Air Max 1 "Lanciero"

Inspired by SneakersBR, the first website dedicated to sneaker culture in Brazil. This is a NASTY colorway. I'm in those the moment summer hits.

See me.

Soulful Sundaes: Fancy - The Dream

Fancy - The Dream

Off the Love Vs. Money album. I listened to this about 4 times in a row when I first heard it. This some R & B Shit for DAT ASS! HAHAHAHAA. "Go giiiiiiiiiiirl." He should make more stuff like this where it's just kinda chillout music. Give the album a glance, it has a few gems in there. WAKE UP SEATTLE!

Good morning.

Soulful Sundaes: Jay-Z - Streets is Watching Remix


OG version below:

April 22, 2009



Considering the people who have a job outnumber the people who DON'T have a job as far as the posts today Wayback Wednesday was completely overlooked...I was going to post some stuff right now, but the day is sorta through. Now back to your regular scheduled BLOGGING!!!

A Bomb just fell..and it was a dud.

Soulful Sundaes: Moonlit Skies - Aceyalone feat. Goapele (prod. RJD2)


DList Magazine's GTP XI tomorrow nite at Venom!!!

Golden Ticket Party XI

Watch how it go down! DJ Class in the building. DJ Reflex and DJ Cide on the one's and two's all night. The bomb squad will be in the building. Get @ ME to be added to the list. It's invite only and you're gonna wanna be there!!!!

Video from last month's party

email me. Michael@dlistmagazine.com

Beyonce Scandal

Apparently someone got the board feed to Howard Stern of Beyonce singing along with her track on the today show.

Now... I don't claim to know much but I could sing better than that. The shit is obviously edited because some of the stuff is just so off key its not even believable that anyone would do that.

Beyonce's Manager released a statement saying (paraphrased) "After 12 years into her career, people questioning her vocal ability might as well question Kobe's jumpshot. You know she can sing, the tape is altered. stfu bidges. thank you"

Uncanny Vision: Matt & Kim -Lessons Learned

Matt & Kim
Lessons Learned
dir: Taylor Cohen

Man all the other Bombers have their little "windows" to blog i.e. Soulful Sundaes , HeRFavorite, Ayo Technology, and Hollywood Divorce. So me being a director (ask about me) and all, I figured that I'd scan the world wide web and bring you the videos that are not necessarly popular or even dope songs... naw buddy this all about the art, plus I'll throw in my own directorial two cent... with that said.

April 21, 2009

Funk Flex beefin' with the Interscope label.. More particular a guy name Nino

Well...  From what I understand. This Nino character and some more Interscope staff didn't want Eminem, and other artists to be affiliated with Hot97 for some reason.

Soulful Sundaes: Meg and Dia - Black Wedding

Not necessarily some of ya'lls idea of a black wedding but I'm diggin this shit BOPPERS!!!!! Their new album, Here, Here and Here is out today! Black Wedding in this bitch.

No Tyler Perry.

Soulful Sundaes: Move for Me - Kaskade and Deadmau5

Song's dope. Video's CRAZY! Enjoi Bidges!

Buy Chester French's Album NOW!!!

I just got an email from D.A. and the album is officially out!!! You can visit the Chester French Site.

I just picked up my Platinum Package..Vinyl isn't dead!!!! and I GOTS to support good music so you know what it do. They'll be in town very soon with Lady Sovereign. I'll post the flyer ASAP!

The albums available on iTunes, Amazon, and every major retailer as of today!!! Go grab that. If you're broke, download the mixtape they have with Clinton Sparks.