January 30, 2009

HeavyWeight Fight (Literally.) 50 Cent VS Rick Ross.. 50 - Officer Ricky

Before I post the song.  Why would people diss 50 so close to his album release?  If they want him to fail, they'd not give him momentum.  And especially NOW when it seems like everybody is countin' him out.

Anyway.  Since the Saigon / Budden beef ended so abruptly.  I'll be keepin' score on this one.  And both warning shots sound nice.  "Officer Rickeyyy!"  Hey Mike.  Doesn't that part remind you of some ol' school 50?  That part when he's like... "Take a look at my wheeeelz!"  Lol!

"Have my niggas whoop the skin off you in broad day?" - 50

(Ferrari F ) 50 Cent    - 10
Rick (The Boss) Ross - 10

Even though both tracks were enjoyable, there wasn't any huge blows here.  Ross didn't make that burnin' of the house down line as tough as it coulda been.  And 50 likes to warm up 1st.  Except against Cam'Ron, he just ate him up.

Bangledesh - Adidas

Fuck Nike (c) Mike Check

But damn... how many times is he going to RE USE those "A Milli" drums? I guess milk it for all you can.

January 29, 2009

Obama does the "single laides" dance

Barack Obama admitted to Beyonce that like millions before him, he too liked "Single Ladies" and could do at least some of its famous choreography.

Caught on camera by John Legend while greeting participants at the Concert on the Mall, then-President-Elect Obama gets called out by wife Michelle about his fondness for her song (the video of which is below).

Michelle Obama says, "Mr. President, you didn't tell Beyonce about 'Single Ladies'? Your rendition?"

"I'm not like Justin [Timberlake]" Obama says laughing, referencing the SNL spoof. "I didn't put on the outfit... [but} I didn't want my girls thinking that I couldn't, you know... I got a lil something."

And with that, he did the hand flip and added, "This part I get."

about 6:15 in is when everything starts meeting beyonce, john legend, queen latifah and more. is it me or does he talk with a little more "swang" when he knows he's safe around some black people? lol. I thought it was pretty tight.

Sample of the Week: J Dilla vs 9th Wonder vs Don Cannon

A little special early sample of the week. I know 9th gets a lotta flack for usin fruity loops, but shit. IMO, he resurrected the shit from dilla's murder just to kill it again. I just wanted to throw it out there because Term got on and smashed. Usually you get bored of the same sample but even Jeezy killed it. (what am I saying?!)

OG song: Billy Paul - Let the Dolla Circulate

Sample 1: J Dilla

Let the dollar circulate - J dilla

Sample 2: 9th Wonder

Let The Dollars Circulate - 9th Wonder

Sample 3: Don Cannon (can't find instrumental)

Circulate - Young Jeezy

Termanology Freestyle (over Dilla's version):

Circulate (100 Bars) - Termanology

BlakFace Music Group Presents: DJ Semaj - Patent Leather Soul (The Lost Files)

Download DJ Semaj Patent Leather Soul

DJ Semaj, a great friend of the Northwest Hip-Hop scene, starts off 2009 in a soulful manner. These 10 beats (12 tracks total) reenforce the fact that we're dealing with a student of music. Semaj makes no apologize for his technique and vehemently defends his sound. The sound from which hip-hop itself was birthed. A man and his crates. Pulling out a slew of classic rhythm and blues records, Semaj laces the sample hungry, while simultaneously minding those who fiend for a good "slap". So click the link and enjoy your late Christmas present from DJ Semaj, BlakFace Music Group, and The good folks at Drop-Bomb.com.

To Hear more from Semaj visit http://myspace.com/djsemajofennerpiece

Temranology dedicates a song to Mike Check. lololololol

I had to do it!



Termanology - Tight Pants are for Girls

Shout to 2dopeboyz for the link to the song.

January 28, 2009

Macklemore is Quitting Rap

PSA from his myspace:

I've decided to give up. Everyone has there calling in life, and although rapping spoke to me for many years there is a stronger voice speaking to the fingerprints of my existence...fingerboarding. I've been thrashing on and off for about 8-9 years now. I recently realized that I can only do so much with rapping. With fingers you can do anything. A normal kitchen landscape becomes an urban jungle gym for the hands in a matter of a frontside flip. With my fingers on a tech deck I'm free to thrash where ever I want to. To express myself without the confines of audio. And I will. I'm going to be posting bulletins frequently so please check them out. If you're moved the way that I've been, hopefully you'll pick up a tech deck, get good and come session with me. One love! Getting Free! One push at a time...

Gordon Gartrell Radio is BACK!!!! Episode 11

Rumors of their demise are FALSE. I saw phonte on twitter a few days ago sayin that a new episode was coming "real soon" I figured it would be a few weeks. I don't really be fuckin with twitter like that though. I mean sidebar, how many possible ways can I give you a god damn update. If you wanna know what the fuck I had for breakfast, ask me. I dunno. Anyway, New epsiode. Hotness. The Kim & Cookie intro was fucking hilarious!!

Phonte welcomes everybody to the New Year by discussing the Inauguration of Barack Obama, the rigors of rap beef, and his wishes for 2009.

Download Here

New Music: Grynch - It's Go Time

New Venom from one of Seatowns Finest - Grynch. I'm feelin this joint, It's called "It's Go time" but it's a little brief. However, go get it HERE

New Adidas Originals website.

New website launch for the greatest sneakers ever! FUCK NIKE.

I keed. I keed.

Get it HERE.

Paid Dues '09

March 28th at NOS Events Center in San Bernardino.

Buy pre-sale tickets now with password "hustle".

Get at Guerilla Union for more info.

January 27, 2009

And SomeTimes... Practice just plain sucks.

Sometimes, you just gotta dance


Typical Maury ft. Izza Kizza - 88-Keys

Signing Shoes: Brandon Roy BOPS on a 7'1 guy


Sunday Night Sound Sessions- Dj Hyphen & J Moore

On this week's show, J returned from his trip to JamRock and regaled us with tales that will make everyone in the NW remember why our winters suck. Musically, we dipped across genres and played joints from Q-Tip, Jazzanova, Passion Pit, Jay-Z, Shad, Adele, Common, and more. Plus we had one of our strongest lineups for local music with tracks from the Blue Scholars, Dyme Def, and Framework. Just to top it off, we debuted Convinced's "Mass Appeal 2009 (Remix)" a few hours before it hit the blogosphere. Good times & good music. It's what we do.

Oh, and if you didn't check out our blog last week, be sure you watch the video of Tunji (of Inverse) dropping a dope (legit) freestyle off the dome:


Show #191 (1-25-09)

1. Q-Tip – "Won't Trade"
2. The Knux – "Fire"
3. MF Doom – "Genuine Ballskin"
4. Jadakiss – "Can't Stop Me"
5. Dyme Def – "Cheers" (Local Artist)
6. Termanology – "Circulate Freestyle (100 Bars)"
7. Shad – "Nowadays"
8. Jay-Z ft. Santogold – "Brooklyn Go Hard (DJ Green Lantern Remix)"
9. Evidence ft. Alchemist & Fashawn – "Far Left"
10. Jay Electronica ft. Che Grand – "Hagler"
11. Framework – "The Route We Chose" (Local Artist)
12. Common ft. Chester French – "What A World"
13. Passion Pit – "Sleepyhead"
14. Anjulie – "Boom"
15. Adele ft. Naledge (of Kidz In The Hall) – "First Love (Remot Remix)"
16. Blu – "Vanity (DeathOfAStar) pt.One"
17. Blue Scholars – "Coffee & Snow" (Local Artist)
18. Inverse – "Rise & Shine"
19. Convinced ft. Shawn Jackson, Tunji (of Inverse), & El Prez – "Mass Appeal 2009 (Remix)" (WORLD PREMIERE)
20. Focus ft. Royce The 5'9", Phonte (of Little Brother), & Stat Quo – "Homage To Premier"
21. El Prez – "Hammerman"
22. Colin Munroe ft. Joell Ortiz – "Piano Lessons"
23. Blaq Poet – "Ain't Nuttin' Changed"
24. Jazzanova ft. Phonte (of Little Brother) – "Look What You're Doin' To Me"
25. Kanye West – "Street Lights"

Link to download the mp3 - http://www.mediafire.com/?m2m5dtht4o0
(back up / streaming link - http://www.zshare.net/audio/547246749228a555/ )

Let's hope Blogger ain't a bitch and doesn't take down this post. I feel like every other one gets taken down for no reason. Annoying as shit.

January 26, 2009

B.O.B. - Lonely People (Video [NSFW])

B.o.B---Lonely People

I always wished Little Brother would do a video for "After the Party" but I guess this will have to suffice.

Dyme Def - Def2theRecord (prod. Brainstorm)

Download: Dyme Def - Def2theRecord (prod. Brainstorm)

Brain BangS finally puttin out some heat. Whuddup!

I see a lot of people asking for 3BadBrothaas mixtape on the comments out on 2dopeboyz (where I jacked the link for the song) so I'll throw up a copy for those who didn't get it the first time around. Here ya go:

Dyme Def - 3BadBrothaas Mixtape

January 25, 2009

Sample of the Week: Murs- The OJ Song:

Sample of the Week late as usual. lol. There's probably a better song out there but I lost my breakup mix when I switched computers. Anyway, nothing much to say bout this one, except that it samples probably one of the greatest AH songs ever. Enjoy.

Biter: Murs - Break Up (The OJ Song)

Break Up (The OJ Song) - Murs

Writer: Anthony Hamilton - The Breakup Song

Charlene - Anthony Hamilton

Banans Creme Pie: Talk "N" Shit

Parts 1 N 2 CUZZ!!!

whatup DP!!!!!

Kanye West for Louis Vuitton

new shit. what yall think???

Seattle is crowned the most wired city in America!

Emerald City ftw bidges!!!!!!!!!

From Engadget:

"Seattle takes the lead in our annual list of the most broadband-connected U.S. cities.

While these marquee names have long lent the Emerald City tech-y cachet, it was Seattle's increased use of broadband that powered it up Forbes' annual list of the 30 most broadband-connected cities in the U.S. High marks in two other wired city categories--broadband access and wi-fi hot spots--helped Seattle clinch the top spot.

Yahoo! Buzz-Since 2007, Forbes has measured cities' wired quotient by computing the percentage of Internet users with high-speed connections and the number of companies providing high-speed Internet. Since many urban residents access the Internet by wi-fi, we also measure the number of public wireless Internet hot spots in a particular city.

Our formula remains the same as previous years with one exception: the addition of broadband penetration data from Scarborough Research. The change was made to complement similar data from Nielsen Online.

Washington, D.C., rocketed from No. 11 last year to a solid No. 3. Like Seattle, it made dramatic progress in its broadband adoption rate. It also improved its wi-fi hot spot showing to rank second only to Seattle. "

I'm super surprised Atlant is up there. I guess magic city has to keep track of all their "business associates" somehow.

HOTlanta! lol.

January 24, 2009

Rick Ross Makes the Last Song of his career a pretty good one

First good flow, first good song I actually fuxed with. Don't know why the fuck he's tryna diss 50.

Soulful Sundaes: Murs - Sucks to Be You

Sucks to Be You - Murs

It rules to be me and it SUCKS to be you, so shut your fuckin mouth as we do what G's do.

Andrew Rules the World bidges.