December 31, 2008

until next year, Boppers..

I think the blog is done for the year. I'll be compiling my top 10 of 2008 this upcoming weekend, as I just finished listening to Seal, Avant, Crystal Castles, and Bloc Party early this morning. I'm sure my list will surprise a lot of you, to those that realllly know me it will be mostly typical..except for one or two. I'm going to make a "50 albums you NEED to have of 2008." That paticular one I'll host on my personal blog over at Up Jumps The Blog. A 2008 rap-up newsreel-ish post will be there as well. So if you passed out on your narcalep-tip you can catch up with the help of ya boy =ToP!FLiTE=

So Drop-Bomb.com is officially 1 year old tommorow and it feels tremendous, stupendous. I know some of you are looking at these words I'm typing into my blackberry like "dude isn't this just a BLOG????" Well...it is, but big things start small. I've made strides this year as far as getting where I want to be in this crazy world of ours. And as small as it may be at this point, we HAVE made a name for ourselves with Drop-Bomb. Even if its only two new people that know about us, that's two more that didn't yesterday.

Did you know that if you give a man a penny, then two cents, then 4 cents, and continue to double it everyday for a month...just guess what his total earnings will be at the end of the month???

I'll leave that to yall to figure out, but that's where I intend to bring this Xxplosive shit too. I had an idea, set it in motion, got some great people involved in it with me, and you can definitely go around Seattle now and SOMEONE at a hip-hop show will know us. The blog yall LOVE to hate =).

1st phase complete.

Phase 1(2008): Put title/name to the movement

Phase 2: Generate INTENSE buzz for everyone we "fux" wit

Phase 3: (code name/working title)"Slugworth's Revenge"

Phase 4: To the Top of the City..

Thank you to all my friends that have decided to join me on this venture we've started.

(In no paticular order) Fresh aka GK aka Mo-B, Drewdown aka Drewcifer aka Andrew Dice Clay, tiffLOC, Steveizzle aka Scuba aka Fite!, Smizz aka Jay Smart aka Clark Kent, and everyone who's fuxed wit us over this last year..

State of the Artist aka SOTA, Colin Munroe and everybody over at marked music, YSL at Blogsiswatching.com, Henry aka H. Dilla with Crooked Lake(Crooked Lake is a navy, better yet a coast guard!!!), GMK, DJ Semaj, Jae Ruckus aka Mookie Layblox(I'm gonna put them slaps to us bruh!), Wade and Tendo(I still got those beats I'm workinonit!), Termanology, DJ Sabzi, Khingz, Grynch, Juantonimo! Aka Notes, Wes Caswell, Everybody over at Raindrop Hustla, Laced Up crew, Wes Goodlife, DJ Pryme, DList Magazine, Seaspot, Jovi at Soy Clothing, Brandon Beuachesne, Chelsea at Karmaloop!, Meli with Obese Productions(A MELI A MELI A MELI A MELI!!!!!), DJ Hyphen, Matthew Brown, Chris Lozano with UNDFTD, Benito and the whole Soul Gorilla crew(except that lil short nicca ak, haha ima see him), everybody in Seattle City, and all of our readers around the globe.

Royal Family, well...I guess it's back to Michael-Jordan in this b*tch. Only Jay Smart's gonna know what that means, but chyea..besides Ruckus and Fresh EVERYONE's fallen off(musically)..Chase I see you! Get money G. As for the rest of yall...god bless..I can't do nothin else for you.

To everyone, be positive and prosperous in 2009! Can you believe its almost been a full decade in the new millenium?? Crazysexycool. I'm ready for whatevuh.

Sky's The Limit. I'll see yall next year tho. Heh..

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