January 01, 2009

The Smartest Goons. Soulja Boy Robbed

rumors are flyin everywhere, I had to take a break from beaches and beyitches to post this shit up. hahaha. Now here's the deal. I don't wish no harm on nobody, even soulja boy.... most of the time. But when you make like 6 youtube videos a week of you driving around your atvs on the front lawn, throwin money around, and all the other ignorant ass shit you do. What the FUCK you expect?

I read some shit the other day that I wish someone woulda posted on here, but it wasn't enough to break from vacation to put it up. Diddy just said (not verbatim) "It's a recession, and to respect other people who don't go stuff like I do, I'm going to dress less flashy, I'm not gonna show off in public as much, hide my diamonds etc."

Diddy's got the right idea. You can piss people off enough with your music, you probably shouldn't rub shit in their faces. Youtube videos called "Rich Nicca shit" is just asking for a beatdown. Surprised it took this damn long to be honest. Now I don't know how authentic this video is, they didn't even show his chain or anything that they supposedly stripped from him. But they sure were smart enough to cover they faces, and disguise their voices. That's the smartest goons alive right there. Even if I stole Young Berg's chain. I ain't makin no youtube video braggin. I'll add a few photos to myspace, hit the club and that's about it. Otherwise rubbin it all in peoples faces, someone's comin after me for berg's chain. Not for Berg, but for they own purposes. lol.

anyway, back to my vacation:

(does me bragging about Maui nullify the rant above? lmao. oops)

Mike, where's your god damn top 10? The haters wanna know. lol.

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