April 17, 2009

A Fresh BreakDown - Asher Roth : Asleep In The Bread Asile *Special Review*

** Well, you may be askin', "what makes this review so special"?  Well...  If you don't know Asher, (Mr. I Love College), he's a pretty gifted guy.  And, if you haven't noticed, he's white, also, he's made a good buzz on the industry.  Now, this poor guy has to endure getting compared to Eminem every time he gets an interview, or when any guy with an opinion listens to who songs.  But to Asher's credit, he's not no-where near garbage, and he's very creative.  Although he has these things on his side, just because he's white, it's very UNFAIR to him to compare his 1st album or his career to Eminem's just because he's white.  It's unfair to him, and it's unfair to Eminem, the topic may be intriguing t0 some, but in this review Asher Roth WILL NOT be compared to Eminem.  **

"I'm mad different, just ask Jigga.."

It seems like almost every group is represented in Hip-hop, from the gangsters to the emo's, everyone has someone to look to.  But Asher Roth appeals to a crowd that's hardly catered to, which would be the white college crowd, to be more specific, the guys.  But can Mr. Roth use that creative mind of his and make it friendly for every crowd's ear?   Or..  Will the CD make us sleepy as the title of his CD?

Well, most of you know about his "I Love College" joint.  It's a very light-hearted track, with not much skill put to use, it's still touching on a part of social life, no one in hip hop has really visited yet.  Now everyone likes to party and have fun, but when you're regular retail CD is only workin' with 12 tracks, you'd think he wouldn't waste any more of the LP with a lackluster club song.  That song being "She Don't Wanna Man", or another lack-luster joint called "Blunt Cruising".  I don't think it'll appeal to many except some weed heads, (actually the beat may be to fast for the weed heads, lol.)  He has another fast foot tapper, being accompanied by Busta Rhymes.  The fast pace beat suits Busta perfectly, so of course it sounded like he was hittin' every syllable, but Asher doesn't do a bad job himself of keeping up.  

"If we go hungry... I wonder what it's like living in Hungary, yea it isn't funny but it's about to get ugly, streets turn into a game of rugby."
It also seems like Asher knows exactly how the college guy / gal feels when all that cramming gets to be to much.  So he offers "La Di Da", and "Bad Day" with help from Jazze Pha, he gives a comical approach to a bad day.  He goes from bad days, to a down right struggle, when he gives a story of a father (I'm thinking it's his), and how he makes sacrifices for his dreams to provide for his family.  And how his dreams, basically becomes his sons dreams.  But, struggle, turns into pet peeves, and Asher checks off things he thinks on what's wrong with America.  "Make it rain hundreds, is it just me or is that just dumb shit? .... Poverty's our biggest problem, and it aint gonna stop with Obama, to save the world we must start at the bottom!"  

"Straight from the Philly Burbs, feel me?  Pretty sure.  Suburban Threat was the name we would really work, steady wasting the day spittin silly verses."
And what debut CD would be without a life story?  So, Asher P., kicks us some lines about how he grew up on "Fallin' ". With a sweet catchy laid back hook, and the flow (OMG it's amazing on this song), it's an easy track to fall in love with.  And he dove deep into his most recent, and redudant story to him, he takes on the subject of being compared to Eminem.  He confesses that Eminem was an inspiration, and basically gets on our (critics) ass about comparing him to Eminem because of the skin color and high pitched voice.  He even uses a clever play on Eminem's name with the title "As I Em", accompanied by a nice rock sample, and a heavy bass line where you can see that this kinda bothers the man. "I'm constantly on the fence defending my own name, explaining that we're not the same, not much that I can say, except I'm sick of it!" 

"And now the masses think that Asher wants to be a Marshall Mathers, they say Asher's not a rapper, his ass is just an actor."
Well, I'll be one of the guys to stand up for him, he's no actor, (especially after hearing that Don Cannon mixtape).  Asher's definitely going to be a main-stay in this game for a long time.  You kinda would wish his debut was longer, either that, or he had just alittle less party on the CD ("She Don't Wanna Man, Blunt Cruising"), especially after hearin' on what kinda topics he can touch on.  More substance or not, the CD is still a great one, and it'll eat up some time in alot of people's CD players and MP3 players.  

Worth Buyin' - Yessir...
Fav Tracks -  Be By Myself, Bad Day, La Di Da, Falling, Sour Patch Kids, His Dream, As I Em

Oh.  PS..  I hear that there is Special CD with 3 bonus tracks.  When I hear them I'll edit accordingly.

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