April 16, 2009

Rick Ross "Deeper Then Rap"

I’m not going to lie… Ricky Ross was my nigga (pro-black term of endearment). The whole lying about being a CO thing and 50cent taking his baby momma fur shopping and then sex-taping another baby momma… in other words 50 killed him. 50 killed him harder then he killed Ja Rule when his last CD dropped… ummm… what was the name of it……. ummmm yeah 50 killed him dead. So, I went into this lessoning of ‘Deeper Then Rap” (4/21/09) Rick’s latest effort looking for nothing at all but finding something else.

First of all let me say this… Rick Ross is dope, his music is fire and if it wasn’t for the 50 and CO thing this would be the album of the year, but if MJ didn’t play basketball what shoes would all the Asian and Black kids in America wear? Anyway, I’m just saying that it did happen so it’s not the album of the year. But for me to say that, I listened to Rick’s new album like Rick Ross was a Hollywood created character who had told tales of drug smuggling and hoe banging on a epic portion much like my man Vin Diesel as Riddick. Rick Ross is Riddick… If you can look at it this way then this is the dopest fucking CD out right now. His tales of sex and gangbang on a low-end BOSS level is dope as shit… Stand out tracks like “All I Really Want” feat The Dream and “Usual Suspects” are dope money, but the track “Rich of Cocaine” makes me giggle a little. Then I think wait this is the Chronicles of Riddick a.k.a Ricky Ross; I’m sure that “Ricky Ross” got rich of Cocaine and not government funding and tax returns i.e. a regular ass job.

If you can look at this as audio cinema and make believe that this character Rick Ross is just that a character, then this would be the album of the year. If you actual care about things like street credentials or if you are on a no bacon diet, then this is iPod blasphemy and deserves to be gang raped in the weight room.

BOOTLEG IT!!!!!!!!!!
But if you want to listen to it… DM my twitter and I’ll shot you the link… cheers

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hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahaha BAWWWWWSSEE!!!