May 04, 2009

Is Eminem kinda wack now???


I'm not going to front the three singles I heard were less then stealer. 3am is ok, crack a bottle is lame, and RockStar or what ever is the same damn Em song we have been hearing forever, and the video was lame. His XXL cover looks lame, Em looks weird (I think he looks crazy Emo... way to thin and upset, not pissed off, just upset), and he is still talking shit about people like he was back in 1999. I guess I'm not the only one to think so...

"Despite an upcoming XXL cover, a promotional push from MTV, and a pair of singles that generated buzz and dollars for his record label, has Eminem’s [click to read] time come and gone? According to a new article in the Boston Globe, the answer is yes."

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And after listing to the newest leak... a duo of Dre and Em killing it on a good ol'feeling Dre beat. I'm still not convinced at all. Em has always been a great rapper, but he always gets in his own way. I want a real CD from Em... he's been through hell... show us the scars and not fart and gay jokes... grow up with your music already. I think this Cd will tank like "Kingdom Come". All I can hope is that blow to the ego will get Em back in the lab to make Relapse2 on some shit like American Gangsta. Am I wrong???

PS: The Villain was a much better title then Relapse and doing a deal with Marvel to get featured in the Punisher is also lame.

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Listen to:
Eminem ft. Dr.Dre - Old Time's Sake

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freshness601 said...

I dunno about whack. Maybe he should talk about somethin' else, but he's not whack.

Andrew J Rivers said...

What the fuck is wrong with everyone. Kingdom Come was a fucking STELLAR album

Do you fools listen to music or just skim through it. (c) Jay-Z.

This topic always makes me explode. American Gangster was Reasonable doubt, vol 1, 2, 3, dynasty, etc ALL over again.

Not that it's (AG) a bad album at all or any of those are bad albums (except maybe vol 2, lol) to re do with different words.

But the main point of his article. His whole goddamn reason, the climax of his story was to tell eminem to grow up with his music and then say that kingdom come was terrible.

Everyone's allowed to have an opinion and say ahh I just didn't like it that much. I wasn't feeling the joints or whatever. But If your main reason for hating on eminem right now is because he needs to grow up, but you hate Kingdom Come which is the definition of mature material, and gettin grown. Then I will burn your fucking building down with the fire that rages inside me at this minute.

Fuck that dude. Fuck everyone. Fuck your opinion. I hate hip hop fans.

Taybot said...

besides, em is killin shit. in an era full of endless make it rain and autotune space age type music he comes out with some manslaughter crazy shit. his album will sell hella numbers he's gonna smash competition