June 26, 2009

A Fresh BReakDown - Maino : If Tomorrow Comes


Boy...  You talk about someone who came outta nowhere, and worked to where he got to.  You can probably remember a few years ago that guy that came out with that song "Rumors"..  He said she said..  But other than the wild shit he was sayin', those most ridiculous thing he said..  "The streets are sayin' that Brooklyn is all mine...  The Industry ain't prepared for me," Well..  It sounded ridiculous then.  But something was alittle different about Maino than other New York rappers.  He had amazing confidence, and didn't mind reminding people that your favorite New York rapper ain't have shit on him.  Fast forward through a few five-finger-hellos, to a record deal from Atlantic, and everybody (including Drop-Bomb) screamin' HI HATER!  Maino is ready to release the album he's worked so hard to give to the people.  But will he give us a good introduction??

Maino's CD starts out, where he's at in his life right now, with the help of Swizz Beats, he expresses that he feels so good that he feels like givin' away amilli, quite generous in 2009.  But he quickly reminds us that wasn't always like this for him through a interlude.  Maino then begins to start to follow that old school artist blueprint, letting us know HIM.  (Now mind you, this has barely been done right for a long time now.)  Step one of him getting out of prison in "Back To Life", he goes through the routine thing, meet with his homie, get a girl.. Then the inevitable, going to meet his Parol Officer, and of course, that P.O. basically lets 'em know he'll be back in prison shortly. Maino then tells the P.O. to "Remember My Name", fitting, and with alil' help from B.G., Maino shines alil' more light on his character.  

"Maino, my life is all gone, my son'll have grandkids when I come home... I can feel his pain on the phone"
Maino then connects with Kay Slay, and gets some assistance from T-Pain in "All Of The Above".  More like a song that fills you with hope, a very feel good song, and T-Pain auto-tune-freaks the hook and does it all kind of justice.  In "Here Comes Trouble", is more like a warning for the industry at the time, you could probably call this the time "Rumors" came out, and he was getting his buzz.  His track "Kill You", at first glance, you'd probably think it was another shoot-'em-up-bang-bang mixtape track.  Well, we couldn't be more wrong, he's expressing all the hate towards his baby mother, and with even deeper songs "Runaway Slave", Maino shows us how he was letting things kind of get to him.  With alot of energy, and a familiar beat (Joe Budden - Pray For Me), he gives us alot of images, and thoughts going through his head at that point of time.  So he lets hate fuel 'em in "Soldier" and songs from here on is pretty much inspirational.  

Maino's on his ultimate high on "Celebrate" as you could probably imagine from the title of the song.  To be blunt, this CD you get to see alot of pain, and alot of hard work, and alot of inspiration.  Now, I didn't talk much about Maino the rapper, because what is that great format with sucky songs right?  Well, for our listening pleasure, Maino delivers here too.  He doesn't try to go outside of his boundaries, Maino knows what kind of rapper he is.. To the point (ex. Scarface).  His flow is hardly ever choppy and his beat selection is on-point.  A gripe about the CD could be he had alittle to much help for the hooks, and we don't know how good his hook creativity is on his own.  But that's for another CD.  For the majority of this CD, he is on his own, most of the features are hooks, not verses, which is good, because we get to hear Maino, not Maino featuring.  Now the album as a whole..  Maino even cleverly keeps his interludes very short so that it doesn't kill the flow of the album.  This is a street album, this is NOT INDUSTRY friendly.  Which is great in 2009, maybe him being in jail for x amount of years, he only remembers how it use to be done.  Which is what we need to see more of.  There hasn't been an album as personal, and followed this kinda introductory format since 2003 (ex. Kanye West, 50 Cent).  TUESDAY, JUNE 30 2009, If Tomorrow Never Comes.


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