July 21, 2009

FUCK THE MEDIA: Stop trying to trash McNair after he's already dead.

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (AP)—Authorities say former NFL star Steve McNair(notes) had a blood-alcohol level twice Tennessee’s legal limit for driving when his girlfriend shot him to death.

Tennessee Assistant Medical Examiner Feng Li said Monday that a toxicology report showed a trace amount of marijuana in the body of Sahel Kazemi. Police say the 20-year-old Kazemi shot McNair July 4 in a Nashville condo before killing herself.

Police say McNair was likely asleep when he was shot twice in the head and twice in the chest.

Yahoo.com Sports.

Ok... My problem with this is... Why is this news? What difference does it make if he was twice or ten times the legal fuckin' limit? If he's didn't drive to his death and kill someone else what difference does it make? Especially if he got killed in his sleep. Yea Steve use to drink alot, so what? He usually hardly ever drove himself if he knew he was fucked up. I mean seriously, why the fuck would you put this out, who in fucks name does it help? Not the McNair fam, not a football fan, not the casual average citizen. I don't wanna pull a race card but damn, sometimes you force a n*gga's hand. Seriously, as many times as we saw Anna Nicole Smith fucked up when she went out on NATIONAL TV, it took forever to find out autopsy reports that said she had an accidental o.d.. This man ain't been in the ground for two weeks but people are tryin' to put out ever lil' thing about 'em. Fuck, Babe Ruth was known as a womanizer and the biggest asshole you could meet, but muthafucka's still worship him. But the nigga who use to treat his WHOLE family, THEN, tip servers 100$ just because, do charity soft-ball tournaments every summer, donates all kinda cash to charity gets all this kinda bad press (and this is shit I've seen 1st hand, I'm from Hattiesburg, so don't try to pull my card.) Why does stuff like this come out when we lose a black icon? All I remember hearin' 'bout James Brown was that his family couldn't afford the funeral. Shit, we know the nigga wasn't perfect, but fuck, who is? MLK Jr was a player, so was JFK. Dick Chaney shoots muthafucka's in the woods, George Bush ducks military duties and gets fucked up and passes out, n blames it on a God Damn pretzel.. Man, fuck the media for today. That's all.

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Anonymous said...

Becuase its part of the investigation. I think people that are following the case deserve all the information the police know. Also don't pull the race card. It makes your argument sound childish.

freshness601 said...

How does it make it sound childish? Seriously explain to me what him being 2 times the legal driving limit while he's sleep relevant?

Anonymous said...

Yes please... this is double wack... I'm drunk so its ok to shoot me... smh