October 27, 2009

A Fresh BreakDown - Jay-Z : The Blueprint 3

"Hov on that new shit, niggas like how come, niggas want my old shit, buy my old album"

Anybody want to be successful in the rap game? Follow Jay-Z's career blueprint. Nobody can deny after 13 years, he's still on top of his game, and he knows how to stay relevant. When Mr. Carter dropped "D.O.A.," all people took notice. Some cried foul, people like me, rejoiced. But we also heard was Hov at least can get our attention still, but most are wondering, is he about to wear this "Blueprint" title out and possibly ruin it, or does he surge back up to the top in this young man's game?

"Oh they call me a camel, but I mastered the drought, WTF I'm an animal"

By 1st looking at the cover of BP3, with the unique cover, and the features on his tracklist, one would probably imagine this CD was gonna be different. Jay-Z opens up the CD on "What We Talkin' Bout", old man Jay gets alil' help on the hook, but with a futuristic bass backdrop and a smooth transition of words, he's gets his point across quite ell. It sounds more like a shot at nay-sayers / bloggers (aint everything aimed at bloggers these days? ) And towards the end of the track, it seemed like he could've been getting on the heads of some old / former buddies. I was thinking Peedi Crack since he did publicly diss him.

"They think I'm outta shape so I hafta jog they memory"

A common theme in this CD Jay-Z was trying to get at was "I still got it", and he did address some old grudges in this CD, most come in the form of vintage subliminal Jay, and it's some not so subliminal but alittle obvious. In the "Thank You" in his last verse, you can argue that Jimmy, Dipset, and The Game caught a few shots, as he goes in and parrallels their career with the 9/11 attacks. "Not only did they brick, they put a buildin' up as well, then ran a plan into that building, and when that building fell... " Just listen to the rest of the verse, and if you can't at least respect it, you're just hating, plain and simple.

In every since of the theme I stated Jay was trying to get at, he makes an obvious song "Reminder". He got at the critics of his career, people on the "he's washed up / old bandwagon". It also seems as if he got tired of taking the sucker-punch from Joe Budden. "As if, I'ma let you niggas style on me, as if everybody's senile on me, throw backs, I threw 'em back, remember those button ups? Young Hov, tell the ordinary Joes to Budden up... Ain't nothing changed but the year it is"

What goes hand in hand when some athelete or rapper claiming "they still got it", is them having to compete / work with the younger cats. And Jay-Z does do that al throughout the CD. Kanye wouldn't count since he's been around for a bit, but getting the likes of Kid Cudi, Drake, Jay Cole I'll dive into those songs in a minute.

In the midst of this young man's game, Jay felt he should get the help of Alicia Keys for "Empire State of Mind". Reminding people of his trend setting ways and Alicia Key's wonderful vocals, this non-single is catching on everywhere. (Especially if the Yankees are making it one of their theme songs, and it'll be performed in the World Series). And Hov isn't always so bitter at people, when him and (his 1st Roc Nation artist) Jay Cole get on a "Star is Born", he's giving alil' bit of everybody props. Of course he doesn't forget himself, but, that's all rap is about right? Self Boasting? But I'm not to sure how T.I. feels about the "T.I. litterally wanted to shoot up the charts" line, but he got his props none-the-less.

Following the "I still got it" theme, there's bound to be some slip-ups. And Jay-Z definately has those slip ups. The 1st one, the track with Drake, with "Off That. With the Timberland futuristic back-drop and Drake on the hook, it has the theme of the previous banger with Swizz Beats "On To The Next". So, with the same theme, it seems pointless as to why it's on the album, and when comparing the two, chances are you might skip this song.

Now I don't know should I be mad at Jay for putting this song on the CD, or letting Kanye's crazy ass for talking him into making the song, but the song "Haters" is made for no haters... Because most of the world hates this song. And his final song, I get it, I get the point of "Forever Young", but it reminded me of some Peter Pan type shit. I would think this song is more fit for Mariah Carey, not Jay-Z.

"You could, choose to, sit infront of your computer, posing with guns shootin' with YouTube up. Or you could come with me to the white house, get your suit up, you stuck on being hardcore I chuck the duece up... Welcome to the BluePrint... Jay-Z your tutor."

The other theme Jay slips into the CD was the "I'm successful, you should be too" theme. From the 1st song to the last, you'll hear brag about something. But these things that are bragged about, aren't what 99% of your rappers are rapping about. Nobody talks about high-fiving his own players and hitting the president up on the Black Berry, lol. But anyway, this is most apparent on the Pharrell laced "So Ambitious." And there is no point in this song where it's bad, because old school Pharell is in here, not punk-rock-Pharell.

All in all, this CD, at 1st listen, youll be confused. But the CD will grow on you, and like the million that's bought the CD, it'll keep growing on you. Although no classic, and it's a CD pop-culture loves, but your hardcore hip hoppers will jam this CD too. At most, maybe 4 songs skipped. We'll see if Hov can continue this dominance, until then, enjoy the BluePrint 3, because I am :)

PS. I know I didn't mention it, but "Venus VS Mars" is that ish yall. Peace.

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