July 09, 2009

Signing Shoes: It's gettin' UGLY for Lebron... Stop babying this n***a!

I'm sure everyone has heard by now..  But if you haven't lemme give you a quick run-down.  Lebron invited some young players to his camp.  And during this random pick-up game, this young kid Jordan Crawford bopps on Lebron.  It's 2009, so of course this'll be all over youtube within ten minutes right?  Nope, reportedly, Nike reps that were there snatched up the two cameras that were rollin'.  Now at this level of basketball, you would think it wouldn't even bother him, because y'know it happens, it's apart of the game.  But that clip getting snatched away from the world's eyes is starting to make Lebron the Chris Brown (whom I still like) of the NBA..  And it's hard to make it seem like Lebron wasn't behind him, since one of the camera-men remember the man who D'Bo'd his camera being called over by Lebron before his camera was taken.  And Nike isn't the only company guilty of this, ESPN doesn't like for King James to be on a potential poster.  Especially by people like Carmelo Anthony (the guy who's suppose to be the heel of Lebron since the two came in that year, he's also done it twice).  You also don't see much of Courtney Lee dunkin' on Lebron either.  But this is a disturbing trend that keeps being shown about Lebron.  I don't mean to be Skip Bayless, but he's been saying this for a while now.  Lebron has an ego, and the NBA / ESPN / Nike are guilty of feeding it.  Him not shaking hands with the team that just beat him, even his Olympic team-mate Dwight Howard gettin' the cold shoulder makes it look worse.  What also looks worse is when people claim he did the same thing to the Celtics in last year's playoffs.  Lets not forget how he'll dodge the question about staying in Cleveland when his contract is up.  I said it once, I'll say it again.  With all this stuff coming out, it's becoming hard to root for this guy.  And if it keeps up, Lebron James is gonna be the Chris Brown of the NBA...  Only thing is, Chris only fucked up once, and no one likes to tell his side, but that's neither here or there.

With all that posterizing talk goin' on here are some clips for your enjoyment..

Melo dunkin' on 'Bron in '07 (Sorry, no footage of him doing it in '09)

Melo duknin' on 3 Celtic players

T-Mac dunkin' on Tyrus Thomas and looks at 'em like BOOOY!

Baron Davis Dunkin' on AK-47

Kobe crossin' n dunkin' on Yao Ming

Shaq dunkin' on Mj and Scottie Pippen... Yea you read that correctly.

And finally.  Scottie Pippen Dunkin' on everybody.

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